UST Expands Collaboration with BAE Systems in Advancing Small Uncrewed Systems

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 09:35 am

Unmanned Systems Technology (UST), the leading global online marketplace and network for technology businesses in the field of uncrewed and autonomous systems, has entered into a new partnership agreement with BAE Systems Digital Intelligence.

This agreement marks an extension of the successful collaboration initiated between the two organizations in 2022. The primary objective is to prioritize small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and technology providers in the plans for Small Uncrewed Systems at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence. The partnership, facilitated by UST, aims to foster closer engagement with SMEs.

During a networking event attended by more than 150 members of UST’s ecosystem, Jonny Gilchrist, Business Development Executive at BAE Systems, emphasized the significance of this new venture and outlined some future plans for the partnership. These plans include organizing bespoke events that offer SMEs a platform to showcase their cutting-edge technologies and encourage collaboration within the industry.

Caroline Rees, CEO of, expressed her enthusiasm about the extended collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to further strengthen our close working relationship with BAE Systems, and we are delighted that the UST platform can provide additional opportunities for SMEs in the industry to engage with a vendor-agnostic Prime. This is a significant step forward for the sector, and we eagerly anticipate the development of new technologies resulting from this collaboration.”

Jonny Gilchrist added, “The work carried out by UST is invaluable in connecting the SME community with larger organizations like ours, facilitating knowledge sharing from both sides of the ecosystem. The UST platform is an exceptional resource for the industry, and there is a natural synergy between our organizations as we envision the future of uncrewed and autonomous systems.”

“This partnership demonstrates our commitment to SMEs and will shape the future of the small uncrewed systems market. SMEs bring numerous benefits, such as agility in responding to market demands and developing innovative technologies. These are areas where large organizations recognize the value but may face internal challenges in progressing at the same pace. UST boasts an incredible ecosystem of innovators, and we are excited to support that community and meet SMEs at our upcoming events with UST as we strive to enhance collaboration within the uncrewed systems sector.”

Established in 2011, UST collaborates with hundreds of technology and engineering-focused businesses across the global supply chain, ranging from SMEs to multi-billion-dollar OEMs. With a presence in over 200 countries across all continents, UST possesses the largest professional global audience within the uncrewed and autonomous systems sector. This platform showcases the technical capabilities of each partner, generating year-round exposure and demand.

This groundbreaking partnership will provide engineers at BAE Systems with direct access to a diverse range of innovative and emerging technologies, thereby enhancing the capabilities of small uncrewed systems platforms currently under development.

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