Disparity in Divorce Costs Revealed: Edinburgh £1,350 Pricier than Sunderland

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 10:38 pm

Lawhive, a legal platform, has conducted research shedding light on the divergent hourly rates charged by solicitors for divorce services across the 50 largest cities and towns in the UK.

The findings expose significant variations in pricing, with Edinburgh emerging as the most expensive city, commanding a staggering £1,350 more for 15 hours of service compared to Sunderland, the most affordable option.

Profound Disparities in Costs Unveiled The research reveals that Edinburgh has the highest average hourly rate for divorce services, standing at £285.00, while Sunderland offers the most cost-effective services at £195.00 per hour.

This substantial price gap can have a considerable impact on individuals navigating the challenges of divorce, underscoring the importance of exploring different solicitor services.

Top 10 Most Expensive Cities/Towns:

  1. Edinburgh – £285.00
  2. Leicester – £280.00
  3. London – £280.00
  4. Slough – £276.33
  5. Reading – £273.33
  6. Northampton – £272.00
  7. Brighton – £271.67
  8. Glasgow – £266.67
  9. York – £266.57
  10. Portsmouth – £265.00

Top 10 Cheapest Cities/Towns:

  1. Sunderland – £195.00
  2. Luton – £208.33
  3. Swansea – £210.00
  4. Aberdeen – £211.67
  5. Belfast – £212.00
  6. Huddersfield – £217.50
  7. Bristol – £221.83
  8. Bradford – £223.17
  9. Bournemouth – £229.50
  10. Peterborough – £230.00

The complete ranking of the 50 UK cities is available on Lawhive’s website.

Insights from an Expert Flinn Dolman, Co-founder & Chief Data Officer at Lawhive, commented on the research, stating, “The significant cost disparities between cities highlight the importance of exploring affordable remote solicitors online and the challenges of finding fair prices locally.”

Dolman further added, “Residing in London, known for its high cost of living, does not necessarily equate to exorbitant divorce prices. By utilising online platforms, individuals have the flexibility to engage with solicitors across the country, accessing competitive rates and saving money in the process.”

Research Methodology Lawhive diligently collected data from solicitors located in the 50 largest cities and towns in the UK based on population figures provided by the Office for National Statistics. A minimum of three quotes were obtained from solicitors in each city, resulting in an average of 3.5 quotes per city. All quotes specifically pertained to divorce services.

Consumer Advice Consumers are encouraged to consider solicitors beyond their local vicinity. With the convenience of online access, individuals can engage remotely with solicitors nationwide, potentially saving hundreds of pounds by finding more competitive rates.

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