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Jeffery and Wilkes: This award-winning company is helping homeowners with their expert advice on extensions

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:33 pm

Jeffery & Wilkes is helping property owners with their years of experience in the home extension industry

So, you’ve got a home that you love, but what you really want is it to be a bit bigger. You have grand plans to expand your domain and give yourself all the room you need, but you’re not sure how to go about getting planning permission. You have a lot of questions that need answering, and London construction company Jeffery & Wilkes are passing on their time-honored knowledge to us all free of charge.

For example, you probably want to know whether any pesky neighbours can potentially put a stop to your grand plans on an extension. Jeffery & Wilkes understand the worry, they’ve helped advise countless clients on that very same thing. Whether neighbours fear damage to their property, loss of privacy or issues with your choice of design, they have the advice to help you.

For starters, you may not even need planning permission. They advise that if home extensions fall within certain guidelines, then you can put your biggest neighbour worries to one side and get building. For example, did you know that terraced and semi-detached houses can be extended up to 3 metres in depth from the rear wall of the original house? Or detached houses up to 4 metres? Jeffery & Wilkes know. 

Jeffery and Wilkes
Jeffery and Wilkes

They also know all about the Neighbour Consultation scheme, which allows homeowners to build a single story extension with certain stipulations, one of which being the neighbours right to object within a 21 day period, followed by a further 21-day time limit in which the local authority will make a decision. 

Jeffery & Wilkes are well versed in how long planning applications can take, with councils usually letting you know the outcome within 8 weeks, which gives you time to sort out plenty of details such as documents, drawings and planning statements. 

Plus they know about the different reasons local authorities may reject planning applications, and what to do to have the best chance of one being granted. For example, each local authority has a huge sheet filled with stipulations on what you can and can’t do in terms of design, so don’t get too carried away if you have plans for a waterpark in your garden. 

Also, if you don’t get the result you want and the stiffs at your local authority reject your application, Jeffery & Wilkes know the things you can do when you launch an appeal and resubmit an application.

Jeffery and Wilkes Photography - Property Needing Party Wall Agreement
Jeffery and Wilkes Photography – Property Needing Party Wall Agreement

Jeffery and Wilkes Photography – Property Needing Party Wall AgreementYou also want to bear in mind something called the Party Wall agreement, a 1996 Act put into law regarding boundaries between you and your neighbours, which is important to know in case they kick up a fuss.

Neighbours can delay a home extension, even if they can’t outright stop it, but Jeffery and Wilkes have the knowledge and expertise for you to deal with a huge array of issues or questions you might have. To read all their detailed guides on how to ensure you’re granted permission to build the extension of your dreams, you can head to their website at and dig into their expert knowledge. 


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