‘Glastonbury Attendees Use ‘Heli-Pooling’ to Streamline Travel Plans’

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 08:11 pm

As Glastonbury Festival 2023 approaches, music goers are choosing to avoid the potential car and rail chaos by booking helicopter transfers to and from the event. The travel guide for the event highlights that the worst times to leave by car are on Monday between 8am and 5pm, when there can be long delays of up to 9 hours to leave the car parks.

Laurent Vallet from Get Heli commented: “Some see the travel as part of the experience, but after five days of partying, many see the travel as an experience to avoid. We know the price tag of travelling by helicopter isn’t for everyone, but our clients group together making it the cheapest helicopter travelling option and, taking into account the almost-certain delays when leaving the festival on the Monday, they see the value in the time saved, not just the kudos of travelling by air.”

Get Heli is offering return flights from London at the Denham aerodrome, for £995 + VAT per person (one way) based on 6 people sharing a Leonardo AW109 helicopter. According to Get Heli, someone travelling to and from London by car can save up to 28 hours of travel or delays if they flew by helicopter.

The heli-pooling system also answers to using helicopters in a more planet-conscious way, as by flying helicopters full, it replicates the sharing model already familiar in other sectors, such as road travel.

In preparation for the festival, Get Heli has provided the following 5 travel tips for land-goers: early birds, pack light, pray to the weather Gods, respect the driver and stay hydrated. For air-flyers, the tips are to not start early, don’t take the kitchen sink, remember it’s cooler, keep your eyes peeled and enjoy the ride.

With just under a month to go, festival goers have the opportunity to save time and experience the journey in a different way – via helicopter.

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