Rosedale Doodles: A Female Entrepreneur’s Guide to Success

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 06:49 pm

Abigail Nordell, of Rosedale Doodles, runs a successful dog-breeding business alongside her mother, Paula. The business specialises in breeding low to non-shedding dogs and was founded by Paula some 15 years ago after she fell in love with the Labradoodle.

Leveraging her extensive experience of breeding combined with a lifetime love of dogs, Paula established a thriving business, with word of mouth quickly spreading and increasing demand for Rosedale Doodles. After Abigail gave up competing in horse events she and her mother joined forces, focussing their attention on dog breeding and converting former stables and six acres of land into state-of-the-art breeding kennels.

Rosedale Doodle’s philosophy is simple: to provide the best care for their breeding dogs and puppies, treating them like part of the family. Through Paula and Abigail’s dedication and expertise, Rosedale Doodles has earned a 5-star breeding licence and risen to become a leading name in Cavapoo, Cavapoochon and Cockapoo breeding in the UK.

Abigail Nordell and her mother Paula have successfully transformed their passion for dogs into a thriving business. However, according to the World Economic Forum, a lack of care infrastructures is holding back millions of female entrepreneurs, who also face a systemic lack of access to capital, credit and financial products.

The World Economic Forum suggests that women spend twice as much time in voluntary work and care in every country where reporting is available. According to a report by Forbes, in the UK alone, if female entrepreneurs started and developed new enterprises at the same rate as their male contemporaries, up to $350 billion in value could be added to the national GDP.

A significant body of research suggests that women were disproportionately affected by the pandemic, with many left feeling anxious and overworked, and twice as likely to sacrifice their career to become caregivers. In spite of this, CEO Robyn Matarazzo explains that female-founded start-ups have doubled, adding that the Fortune 500 has more female CEOs than ever before.

With many women losing their jobs during the pandemic or forced to resign, buckling under the weight of caregiving responsibilities, experts suggest that this phenomena may have spawned a new wave of female entrepreneurship, with droves of women stepping up and reaching higher – creating their business and teaching themselves to survive and support their families even amidst one of the most challenging economic environments in modern history. As The Modern Day Living Magazine founder Erin Williams suggests, more and more women are recognising a space for growth and success in many industries, turning to entrepreneurship and business ownership as a result.

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