Great Gift Ideas For Your Coworkers (That Won’t Break the Bank)

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 11:24 am

There’s plenty of reasons why you might find yourself in need of a gift for a fellow coworker, some of them good reasons and some of them not so good. It could be a death in the family or a brand new baby that was welcomed into the world. But chances are if you’ve clicked on this title and are still reading you have quite a few coworkers and if you bought them each something anytime something significant happened in their lives you’d go broke pretty quick. So here are a couple of suggestions for gifts that won’t leave you cringing at the sight of your bank account every time you help mark an occasion.

Number One: The Fruit Basket

Office fruit baskets can be an especially good idea for coworkers dealing with bad news like illness or a death in the family. They’ve probably received every sweet under the sun and are getting tired of the casseroles that family and friends have dropped by their place. You can easily arrange for an office fruit delivery to land straight on their desk through a service like Fruitful Office so that they have a nice, fresh fruit and vibrant display when they come back to work. They’ll appreciate the thought and they’ll also appreciate a break from the usual mourning foods that people have sent their way.

Number Two: Candle or Aromatherapy Set

Though it may sound like a fairly generic gift, something to get your coworkers mind off the stressful stuff may be just what they need. For cheap options, try Amazon and look for gifts that come in bulk (though be sure not to keep gifting the same product to the same coworker over and over!) . If you’re looking for something a little nicer than a vanilla candle, try an aromatherapy set with scented candles and a decorated holder. Anything that can be used while taking a relaxing bath will get the idea across to them. Take a little time for themselves and they’ll be feeling better in no time.

Number Three: Something Quirky & Bespoke

If you’re looking for a gift to give as congratulations for a promotion or achievement I recommend checking out sites like Etsy for cute and practical gifts for their desk and workspace. There are tons of crafty gifts like funny notepads, mouse pads and just about anything you can think of. By adding a little humor to their gift you can make them smile and for hardly any money at all. These kinds of gifts are definitely the way to go if you’re searching for a gift on a budget. And maybe with something funny you can hide the fact that you’re super jealous of their new office.

Parting Tips

Of course no gift is appropriate for every occasion and sending a funny office gift as condolences may not be the right way to go, so be careful when choosing the gift that’s right for your coworker and the situation. Buying nice, thoughtful gifts will make your coworkers appreciate your presence and guarantee yourself a few thoughtful gifts when the time arises for yourself. You’re likely to turn some of your coworkers into genuine friends with the right gifts, and who can ask for more than that? They may even remember that gift when your name pops up and you’re hoping for a nice word. Fingers crossed, at least.

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