TalkTalk Boosting Telecom Takeovers in Pursuit of Residential Customers

Telecom Acquisitions, also known as TAL, is a rapidly expanding business seeking opportunities to acquire traditional resellers, ISPs, and altnets who are looking to sell their residential customer bases. TAL, a joint venture with TalkTalk, is led by CEO Nigel Barnett who believes that many communication providers are struggling to turn a profit from their residential roll-out projects.

According to Barnett, 2024 will be a year of significant growth for TAL, as resellers, ISPs, and altnets face challenges in meeting the needs of their residential customers. “The number of homes passed is said to be slower than expected, and the cost of serving them could be crippling some businesses. We can help take that pain away,” he stated.

TAL has previously been approached by companies looking to sell their entire business or just their residential side, as it can be expensive to maintain. With TalkTalk’s support, TAL is now prepared to acquire or assist any companies operating in the residential market.

In recent years, TalkTalk has made strategic acquisitions, including Virtual One, SSE Broadband, and Origin. Meanwhile, TAL has acquired brands such as Home Telecom, Fleur Telecom, and Eclipse Broadband, as well as the customer bases of nine resellers and ISPs.

“Our real interest lies in bases between 200 to 100,000 customers, where owners wish to capitalize on their hard work and continue to trade,” explained Barnett. “As our model for new connections now supports many of the altnets and major suppliers such as BT, Vodafone, Virgin, Sky, KCom, and TalkTalk, any marketing effort is more cost-effective, as we can supply every property.”

Barnett also noted that TAL had a busy year in 2023, acquiring bases and growing organically. “We now have a real taste to vastly expand further. Interestingly, the bases that we have acquired have allowed both sides to grow in product range and profitability. Therefore, we are open to any type of discussion on possibilities,” he concluded.

Interested parties can reach out to for further information. TAL’s website,, also provides more details about the business.


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