How to Grow Your Business on Instagram : 3 Reliable Ways for 2022

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:25 am

Initially, Instagram was perceived by people as a great app for posting photos and sharing impressions with friends, but today social platforms have moved to a whole new level. Companies of all sizes have realized that social proof plays a crucial role in growing their brand and expanding their customer base. And if you’re looking for an opportunity to improve the image of your business, attract more customers and create a loyal community, your company should be on Insta right now.

The platform offers many opportunities for entrepreneurs; tools have been developed to manage a professional page, including Instagram Shopping – an online showcase of your things. But it isn’t so easy to achieve a stunning result. You must understand that the audience will not appear just like that. You’ll have to make an effort, spend time and invest in the future of the account. Today we’ll talk about 2 free and 1 paid (the ability to buy Instagram followers) ways to attract an audience. Using them, you’ll be able to achieve your goals quickly and efficiently. Keep reading!


  • Tap into your industry’s hashtags


Some entrepreneurs underestimate the power of keywords and believe that it is garbage in their publications. However, trust us and the experience of millions of other creators – tags increase the visibility of your messages. But you need to use them wisely. There is no need to add dozens of different tags; just select 7-10 of those that help promote your posts to the top.

You can also use keywords in the BIO and add them to Stories – but in this case it is better to use branded tags. Their development doesn’t take much time, just write the #brand name and start adding it everywhere. This will have a great effect on the recognition of the company. The more people see your name, the better.


  • Invest in a professional account


We wouldn’t recommend that you rely solely on the free methods and algorithms of the platform. You see, the competition on the site is great, especially among entrepreneurs. In order for users to take you seriously, you need to show that you are worthy of it. The main indicator of success and popularity of any page is the number of subscribers. But when you log into the online community, your account looks pretty raw and unfinished. It’ll take a lot of time and effort to create a fan base in free ways. Besides, the result isn’t guaranteed.

If you don’t want to wait and hope for luck, delegate some advertising tasks to a special company. You can buy real Instagram followers once or choose a package with regular delivery. The purchase will give you many advantages: your company will create a positive first impression, the interest of users will increase at times, and the account rating will also improve. This is a result that many unprepared entrepreneurs achieve only after a few months.


  • Offer “followers only” discounts


People like to get some bonuses from the company for simple actions. Moreover, many of them say that they follow only in order to get some benefit. Take advantage of this for your own purposes – you don’t have to offer huge discounts or permanent free deliveries – it’ll be enough to convince users that they’ll save their budget by starting to follow you. Provide a 5-10% discount for new customers (write it in the BIO), and in a few days you’ll see an increased interest in the brand. We wish you success!

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