How to elevate and manage your blog postings

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:47 am

So you’ve thrown yourself into a writing wormhole only to realise you’ve poured all your effort into creating a blog piece that is not performing the way you expected it to. Knowing how to elevate your blog specific to your niche is fundamental to successful blogging. Narrowing your target market and creating content to build an audience can make a huge difference in your business by simply attracting people to your website.

We’ve created a list below of proven strategies to help increase readership and boost traffic to your blog.

Enhance your titles

If you think about yourself as a reader, what is the first thing that draws your attention? The answer is most likely a catchy blog title. Often, the title of your blog posts is more valuable than the content itself as the title is what will convince potential readers to click and read more.

Write for your audience

It might seem like a no-brainer but knowing exactly who you are writing for and ensuring your audience resonates with all your content is the easiest way to ensure the success of your blog. Make sure you have researched your niche in advance and have a good understanding of their interests in order for you to create content that will successfully convey a specific message to your audience. The strongest content is the kind that meets a particular need. 

Promote your content

Once you’ve developed a momentum of blog creation, it’s important to find out what makes your blog unique, in order for you to start promoting that. To gain an optimum return on investment, promotion needs to be a significant part of your content strategy. 

Email marketing is a great way to start driving more movement to your website. By collecting email addresses through a sign-up button on your website, you can start formulating a weekly email newsletter highlighting new blogs and relevant business content to bring previous visitors back to your website. This is also why creating a consistent flow of regular quality content is crucial.

Visualize your way to success

It’s all about the visuals! Although writing is at the heart of your content, studies have shown that visuals are far more influential drivers of engagement and conversions. According to Harris Eisenberg, Executive Vice President of Thermopylae Sciences + Technology,  90% of the information processed by the brain is visual. This indicates that adding memorable visual media to your content will help your readers retain information and ultimately remember your brand. When you spend more time and effort creating visually appealing media to complement your blog post, you might find your click-through rate increases too. 

See what’s trending

While just basing your blog content on trends for the sake of popularity won’t help the growth of your business, in the long run, staying up to date with trending topics affecting your industry will. You should always aim to create high-quality, helpful and unique blog content relating to your brand, following seasonality, recent news and trending topics to ensure your blog stays relevant.

In addition to creating relevant, engaging content, remember to enhance your blog for search engine optimization for maximum exposure. Incorporating SEO into your blog content will help the performance of your blog on search engine results pages. The easiest way to optimize your content for SEO is to research and blend relevant high-ranking keywords naturally into your blog’s copy. Adding these keywords to your copy will enable readers to find, read and share your blog organically.

Stir engagement

Promoting your blog by yourself can be quite intimidating, especially when you don’t know where to start. Hiring a virtual social media manager to manage the promotion side of your content, like those found at PrimePixels is the easiest way to ensure the profitable promotion of your content.

Inviting other writers to collaborate with your brand through a blog post is a simple source of extra content while directly gaining a new stream of networks and readers when shared by your contributor.

Ending your blog post off with a call-to-action encouraging your users to become leads, is another way to give purpose to your content. The same applies when you share your blog post on your social media channels – adding a call-to-action at the end of your caption will not only entice engagement but it’ll attract users to your website through your blog post.

Here’s a top tip: instead of opting for a generic call-to-action, why not reach out to your audience directly? Often, reiterating the action you would like your readers to take increases the likelihood that they’ll follow through. So if your goal is for your content to be shared, ask your audience to share it! Sometimes achieving your desired outcome can be as simple as asking for it.

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