How AI Can Boost Your Video Marketing Content & Strategies

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 11:00 pm

In our modern digital age, strides forward in tech come thick and fast. Sophisticated systems are revolutionising how we behave, shop, and even think.

Of all the software tools available to us, AI (or artificial intelligence) stands tallest in terms of functionality, performance and raw potential. So what exactly is AI?

To vaguely label AI as some kind of ‘intelligent computer’ doesn’t quite cut it. Defined by Investopedia as “the approximation of human intelligence in machines,” AI is a powerful system that accurately mimics human behaviour, through applications such as NLP (natural language processing), machine vision and machine learning.

This digital intelligence is so profound that AI systems are capable of complex decision-making, independent execution of nuanced workflows, and adaptive self-improvement.

The development of artificial intelligence has seen this technology come to the very forefront of many sectors, and business leaders around the world have the ability to achieve exciting new things.

AI, Video Marketing & Content Strategy

Two fields in which AI has found an outlet are content and video marketing. Advanced video marketing software allows brands to swiftly create high-quality content. This massively reduces the time, energy and investment required for manual production, and delivers compelling video content that converts users.

For instance, cutting-edge Script to Video software uses automation to generate quality visual content from block text. Similarly, Blog to Video tools can dramatically increase user engagement levels, and AI can even enable you to directly edit videos using text – without the need to learn your way around complex software.

In a survey conducted by Hubspot, 92% of marketers considered video a crucial element of their overall strategy; strikingly, 87% felt that video marketing yields positive ROI, and 81% reported a direct benefit from video on sales.

AI-powered video software requires significantly less time – and effort – to achieve outstanding results. In that way, it is an optimally efficient solution. Decisions and processes that once necessitated human involvement, such as captioning videos or creating highlight reels, can now be fully automated.

Consequently, marketers entrust video production to intelligent AI software, and realign human stuff with more value-adding activities – for instance, spending more time delivering outstanding client service, or strategising an ongoing plan.

And that’s to say nothing of the intrinsic quality that AI technology is capable of delivering. To put it simply, the results of AI video software are dependably excellent.

Navigating the market with AI-powered video

Content marketing is a dynamic and mercurial field, never standing still for long. Trends come and go; market forces shift; purchasing preferences change.

What is ‘in’ this season, might have become old hat by the next – and in videos, ‘off-trend’ content is painfully obvious. Content that the public deem ‘antiquated’ or ‘outdated’ is a cause of concern for every marketer; but equally alarming is the thought of their brand being associated with low quality.

For this reason, many businesses invest huge amounts of time and energy into creating the very highest-quality videos – up to seven hours for just one minute of playback, according to some experts.

But advertisers risk investing so much time into creating and honing a ‘perfect’ video that wider marketing trends will have packed up and moved on. Resultantly, the finished video is stale before it’s even delivered.

Though this is common, it is not unavoidable, and AI video marketing is the key to sidestepping this potential stumbling block. With intelligent software streamlining the efficiency of video production, marketers obtain newfound resources to proactively stay across market trends even as they develop – and, in so doing, stay one step ahead of the competition.

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