VW Group and One Data Form Alliance to Balance Availability of Essential Supplies

Today, German software company One Data announced their cooperation with Volkswagen AG (VW) to tackle the uneven distribution of critical components in the global supply chain.

One Data’s AI-based matching platform, Wavetrade, helps to strengthen the liquidity of suppliers and increase the resilience of supply chains. It does this by allowing participants to exchange, purchase and sell semiconductors and chips, preventing production stops and reducing surplus capacity.

Karsten Schnake, head of the operative and strategic semiconductor taskforce COMPASS at Volkswagen AG, commented: “Trading critical components without a systematic platform in place is extremely time-consuming. The Wavetrade platform can help to strengthen the liquidity of our suppliers while ensuring the resilience of supply chains and can be seen as a best-practice example of the sharing economy in that it prevents production stops and reduces surplus capacity.”

Dr. Stefan Roskos, Managing Director of One Data GmbH, added: “A lack of information is largely responsible for disruptions to supply chains and surplus capacities because companies are simply unable to find out if the chips they need are available in the market or if they are required elsewhere. Wavetrade creates transparency and enables to actively counteract.”

Wavetrade’s participants come from various industries, meaning that the platform is not limited solely to the automotive sector. The platform can also help to boost the resilience of the supply chain, cut back on surplus capacity and optimize net working capital, as well as improve the sustainability of goods flows.

For more information about Wavetrade, please visit www.wavetrade.ai. Press material for editorial use can be found in the One Data Press Kit.

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