3 Ways you can Repurpose Social Media Content for Different Channels and Mediums

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 01:46 pm

The trick to keeping a stable, not even thriving, just stable, social media account without a team of people working around the clock or you gaining burnout is repurposing. Repurpose all your content for other places. All of the social media platforms you sign up for have their own distinct personality. This comes down to two things: its viewership and its format.

For example, Instagram is a pretty platform. Anything you might find in a lifestyle magazine thrives on it, whereas TikTok is like the antithesis of that. TikTokers prefer grungy, shaky videos of people still in bed for a more authentic experience. Both offer short-form video content outlets, but Instagram’s history with photos has made it the place to show your best side.

This is just an example. In this guide, we’re going to show you how you can repurpose your content and tailor your social media publishing to each platform without spending endless hours creating new content.

Twitch streams into YouTube videos

Twitch streams are very long and take a surprising amount of energy, but the best part about that is that you then have a lot of content that you can post wherever you like. Twitch has its own screen-recording feature that will allow you to turn a live event into a recorded one, and then you can send them out.

The best place for your streams is YouTube. We’re not saying upload the entire stream whole because that is simply lazy and unwanted content. Without the live element, that stream is really boring. Instead, edit it down to something with a narrative. Were you talking for a while about something relevant? Turn it into a commentary video. Were you playing with a guest that turned out to be fun or a really bad game? Turn it into a gaming video.

Additionally, if you are live streaming on YouTube, YouTube’s creator system allows for easier editing and distributing of your streams into videos, so you’ll naturally grow your YouTube channel alongside your streams.

YouTube videos into TikTok clips and Instagram reels

So, now you’ve got something with a narrative, like a mini-movie, and like a movie, you can release a trailer. On TikTok or Instagram Reels, you can add short-form video content as a way of marketing your Twitch and YouTube channels.

But be aware that TikTok has an unwritten rule for marketing: entertain first. So, that means that no one is going to respond to a video of you saying, “Please like and subscribe” to the void. Instead, take clips of your streams and videos and give them a taste of what’s to come: a funny moment, an educational discussion, something that boils down all that you are.

Video footage into Instagram photos

On Instagram, you’ve got a lot of outlets for that content, even beyond Reels. You have Stories too, however, recent updates to Instagram’s algorithm say they don’t like endless Stories and prefer two or three at a time. So, if you want to grow your channel, use sparingly.

Instead, consider posting stills and thumbnails or even behind-the-scenes shots of the content you are making to your Instagram account to announce a new video and get engagement up.

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