Innovating Gift-Giving: Steppr Launches User-Friendly Voucher Gifting for App Users

Last Updated on: 8th December 2023, 09:53 am

Steppr, a pioneering platform offering exclusive vouchers from independent retailers, has introduced a new feature named ‘Gifting’. This development allows customers to send vouchers as considerate gifts effortlessly with a single tap. Steppr’s bespoke gifting service makes it possible for users to instantly deliver vouchers directly to their intended recipients, amplifying the platform’s usefulness for both customers and businesses.

This addition of gifting functionality is a critical part of Steppr’s mission to provide a truly valuable service for customers, while also positively supporting businesses. Find out more about Steppr at

Steppr For App Users: Economise & Bolster Independent Businesses.

  • Distinct Deals: Gain access to special vouchers exclusively on Steppr’s apps.
  • Rewarding Loyalty: Immediate and progressively increasing discounts.
  • Streamlined Gifting: Send personalised, economical gifts with ease on-the-move.
  • App Download: Go to

Steppr For Business Owners: Accessing A Dynamic Voucher Ecosystem.

  • Comprehensive Voucher System: Handle issuance, monitor campaigns, engage in marketing, manage redemption, and more.
  • True Loyalty: Campaigns designed to encourage repeat voucher purchases.
  • Cost-Efficient: Free from upfront costs, voucher commissions, and hidden fees.
  • Business Registration: Swiftly create an account at

Steppr empowers businesses through a straightforward platform, offering full-scale voucher management and marketing strategies focused on loyalty. We cater to businesses of various sizes and are particularly advantageous for those seeking new revenue channels without the extensive demands (both time and budget-wise) of traditional sales and marketing campaigns.

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