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Last Updated on: 18th December 2023, 09:46 am

With the Christmas season upon us, Plates4Less has rolled out its Gift Hub, designed to assist buyers interested in private plates as gifts. This hub features a search guide, a buying guide, a guide for gift recipients, a comprehensive FAQ, and a dedicated Christmas guide. In the last five years, the private number plate industry has expanded by 30%, with two-fifths of Plates4Less’s clientele now choosing them as gifts. Plates4Less provides an easy-to-navigate, all-inclusive service for those seeking thoughtful, lasting gifts, ideal for last-minute Christmas shopping.

With Christmas rapidly approaching, Plates4Less introduces the Plates4Gifts Guide. This guide is specially crafted to facilitate shopping, offering support for those aiming to find and discretely purchase the ideal number plate as a gift.

The increased preference for Private Plates as gifts in the UK is evident, with 40% of Plates4Less customers buying number plates for special occasions.

Plates4Less offers a complimentary downloadable certificate, perfect for very last-minute gift-giving. Those who order in advance can opt for a presentation pack, which includes the certificate in a ribbon-bound folder, available for next-day delivery if ordered by 2pm.

The Growing Popularity of Personalised Plates

Antony Clark, Marketing Manager at Plates4Less, discusses the heightened demand for personalised number plates.

He observed: “The last five years have seen a substantial 30% growth in the private plate market. As cars become more costly but remain reliable, many are opting for new plates instead of new vehicles.

“People are drawn to private plates for their personalization aspect, allowing them to make their common vehicle distinctive. Clients frequently request plates for easier car identification or for enhanced security against theft and cloning.”

Antony Clark, a number plate specialist, highlights that many private plates are often purchased as gifts.

He explained: “Currently, 2 in 5 of our customers are choosing private number plates as gifts.”

Why Number Plates Make Excellent Gifts

Antony stated: “Gifts that are both thoughtful and luxurious are in demand, and private plates fit the bill. They are also ideal for those who are usually difficult to buy for.”

Private Plates are gifts that can last for years, transferable from one vehicle to another, and in some instances, they increase in value.

“Shifting away from travel and experience gifts, our customers are now more inclined towards tangible presents. The journey of selecting and purchasing a private number plate can be an enjoyable experience,” Antony further added.

Selecting a Private Plate for Another Person

In response to growing demand, Plates4Less has launched the Plates4Gifts Hub, which guides customers through the entire selection process.

Antony said: “Our intention is to enable customers to conduct their searches independently, while we provide support when needed.”

The process, outlined in the Plates4Gifts Hub Search Guide, starts with an initial idea, like a name or initials, and expands it to include other meaningful elements, such as significant numbers or dates.

Insider Tips

  1. Develop and Share a Shortlist
    • Put together a list of potential plates, seeking feedback from the recipient’s friends or family. If the gift isn’t meant to be a surprise, involve the recipient in selecting from your shortlist.
  2. If Investment Value is a Consideration
    • For gifts meant as investments, focus on options with wider appeal, such as names over initials, or plates with straightforward or repetitive numbers.
  3. Buy Now, Gift Later
    • Unique registration marks from Plates4Less can be purchased now for future gifting, even if the recipient doesn’t have a vehicle yet.

Plates4Less, affiliated with VRM Swansea, is a foremost agency in the UK for private number plate transactions. It maintains over 67 million registrations and a state-of-the-art search engine. Established in 1997, the company boasts numerous 5-star reviews on Trustpilot.

Contrary to its name, Plates4Less brokered the most expensive private number plate sale in the UK in 2022, exceeding £600,000.

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