UK Pork Receives California Certification with NSF’s Bundled Proposition 12 and Red Tractor Compliance

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 09:44 pm

NSF, a leading global public health and safety organisation, has become one of the first UK certification bodies to offer California’s Proposition 12 (Prop 12) certification for British pork producers.

Proposition 12 is a ground-breaking animal welfare law from California which sets higher standards for confining certain farm animals. The law will come into effect on January 1, 2024, making Prop 12 certification essential for British producers hoping to access the lucrative US market.

Dale Newitt, Director of Supply Chain Food Safety at NSF, commented: “NSF’s Prop 12 certification means British pork producers can now access the Californian market with greater confidence. This aligns perfectly with NSF’s mission to improve and protect human health, as healthier animals mean safer, higher quality meat for consumers. Despite accounting for nearly 15% of total US pork consumption, California only produces 1% of it, making it heavily dependent on interstate and international imports.”

In 2022, the total import of pork in the US exceeded £1.3 billion, making the Prop 12 certification a significant market opportunity for UK pork producers. NSF also offers the unique advantage of bundled auditing, allowing Prop 12 and Red Tractor audits to happen simultaneously, which reduces the audit burden on British farmers, making certification more efficient and cost-effective.

Jim Moseley, Red Tractor CEO added: “Market access is a key goal for food chain assurance and Red Tractor has been working closely on this with the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) and NSF over recent months. I’m delighted that we can now offer UK pig farmers access to this important market for selling safe and traceable UK pork…As an important milestone for the pigs sector in this country, hopefully it can be the start of a productive and ongoing new trading relationship.”

NSF’s dual certification services further emphasise its commitment to public health and supporting British farmers, by providing them with a streamlined approach to meet the increasingly rigorous standards of domestic and international markets.

On Monday 20 November, NSF announced it had become one of the first UK certification bodies to offer California’s Proposition 12 certification for British pork producers. In addition to its unique Red Tractor Certification Body for pork in the UK, NSF continues to pioneer in industry certifications, offering British farmers a comprehensive solution for certifying their pork production. This certification will ensure compliance with Californian animal welfare standards, allowing producers to access the lucrative US market.

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