FUNWHOLE: Reinventing Building Sets with Steampunk Flair

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 05:05 am

Leading the charge in the lighting brick sector, FUNWHOLE is transforming building set play with its groundbreaking light-up designs. Their aim is to elevate the building experience by infusing it with creativity and dynamism, thus reimagining traditional building block play.

FUNWHOLE distinguishes itself with its innovative light-up feature, a first in the building set industry. This element bridges the gap between conventional blocks and lighting, creating a synergistic building experience.

The brand’s dedication extends to the quality of its building materials, ensuring robust and compatible constructions. This focus underpins the creative potential of builders, offering a sturdy base for their imaginative constructions.

Tackling the complexities of light installation and design, FUNWHOLE has streamlined these aspects for a smooth, enjoyable building process, allowing users to concentrate on the creativity and joy their sets evoke.

Jack, CEO of FUNWHOLE, eloquently describes their philosophy: “With FUNWHOLE, you get the best of both worlds – the joy of building during the day and the enchantment of lights at night. Our sets bring warmth, companionship, and endless entertainment, creating unforgettable experiences for builders.”

The Steampunk World series, a cornerstone of FUNWHOLE’s innovative drive, merges Victorian elegance with futuristic concepts, offering a unique building experience. Set in a fictional world during the 18th and 19th-century European Industrial Revolution, the series is noted for its detailed decorations and mechanical features.

Launched in April 2022, the Steampunk series has entranced builders with its elaborate designs and storytelling elements. The range includes everything from trains and airships to trading centres and vintage cars, encapsulating the Steampunk theme and inviting builders into a world of discovery and innovation.

  1. F9006-Steampunk Train (1056 Pieces) & F9007-Steampunk Train Station (1843 Pieces)

The series features an exquisitely designed train and a stunning train station, each embodying the luxurious and intricate world of steampunk.

  1. F9014-Steampunk Airship (1641 Pieces)

The airship set, a marvel of design, combines brass highlights and complex gears, transporting builders to a world of high-flying adventure.

  1. F9017-Steampunk Trading Center (2680 Pieces)

This set brings to life a vibrant trading hub, rich in steampunk aesthetics, where traders and inventors converge in a bustling marketplace.

  1. F9019-Steampunk Vintage Car (282 Pieces)

It features the story of William Stone, a mineral trader, and his journey to a trade fair in his steampunk-style vintage car.

A satisfied customer shares their experience: “I have constructed many big name sets and this steampunk themed building set by Funwhole was on par with them. The addition of the led lighting system made the set even better and added character to the finished set. The instructions were very clear and I had no issues with the construction, which took me around 12 hours. The stability of the finished structure was also impressive. Highly recommended as it is very difficult to find anything steampunk themed at this scale. I have already bought and started on the train set which goes with this station and I hope the company continues with more steampunk sets.”

FUNWHOLE’s innovative approach to building sets has earned worldwide recognition, particularly with the Steampunk World series.

Looking to the future, FUNWHOLE plans to expand its Steampunk range with specialized bricks. Jessie, Product Manager of FUNWHOLE, shares their vision: “We envision a future where FUNWHOLE becomes synonymous with Steampunk sets, offering enthusiasts and collectors a wide array of intricately designed models and accessories.”

The brand is committed to collaborative development with its user community, seeking their insights for future series enhancements. With its dedicated design team and enthusiastic fan base, FUNWHOLE is well-positioned to continue its creative expansion in the building set arena.

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