Spread the Happiness of Nostalgia with Senior Citizens

Devon based non-profit Living Memories C.I.C has recently launched its innovative web portal, Living Memories Online, which offers access to a wide range of archive films and reminiscence resources. The platform, which is designed to reduce the isolation of older family members, neighbours, care home residents, and local communities, has been well received by volunteers who are utilizing the power of reminiscing to bring joy and companionship to older adults.

Numerous academic studies have highlighted the benefits of reminiscence for older adults, including those living with dementia. It can provide cognitive, social, and emotional benefits, as well as help individuals build new friendships and combat feelings of loneliness. Incorporating multimedia elements such as archive films, photographs, music, and memorabilia, enhances the effectiveness of reminiscence activities.

One of the unique features of Living Memories Online is the ability for subscribers to create their own collections of favorite films and share them with family and friends, regardless of their location in the UK or overseas. This allows for a more personalized and interactive experience for all involved.

Volunteers and activity coordinators have been utilizing the platform in care and residential homes, as well as through virtual reminiscence groups. By using the archive footage as a starting point, older adults are able to engage in discussions and share memories with others. The social contact and mental stimulation provided by volunteers has been invaluable to participants.

One volunteer shared their experience, stating, “It’s amazing to watch an older adult who seems withdrawn light up when a familiar scene or object from their past comes up on screen. Pretty soon, they can’t stop talking and engaging with the group.”

To give a glimpse into the platform, a five-minute video of a care home Tea and Memories Group in action, led by an 85-year-old who loves the films and technology, is available for viewing at https://livingmemories.imagencloud.com/record/2550.

Executive Director and Founder of Living Memories C.I.C, Brian Norris, shared his vision for the platform, stating, “With the support of Imagen for our technology and major national archive collections, we created Living Memories Online during the Covid lockdowns. We have spent almost two years uploading almost 3000 archive programs and related information, then trialing the portal with care homes and individuals around the UK.”

Norris encourages anyone interested to search for Living Memories Online on any search engine for a trip back to the 20th century. The platform offers some free-to-view films on the Home Page and is currently offering a free trial period for anyone who signs up for a subscription to their reminiscence service.

Additionally, Living Memories C.I.C offers award-winning Living Memories DVDs and printed Reminiscence Guides for individuals without access to wifi or care homes seeking alternative options. These can be purchased on the Store on the Living Memories website, https://www.livingmemoriesonline.com.

Volunteering, in general, has been proven to have numerous benefits, including improved well-being, lower rates of depression, a sense of purpose, and stronger social ties. One long-time reminiscence volunteer shared their thoughts, stating, “Spending time hearing the incredible life stories of older people and watching their joy in reminiscing is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done. I wish I had chatted more with my parents about their younger lives.”

For more information about Living Memories Online, interested parties can visit livingmemories.imagencloud.com and email info@livingmemories.io.

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