One size does not fit all, and nowhere is that more true than when it comes to mortgages. The brokers people are used to dealing are traditionally limited in what they can offer, which leaves many feeling marooned without anyone to turn to, but this could all be about to change.

Usual mortgage brokers often have a limited pool of lenders to draw from, only being able to accept people in the most stringent of situations, such as being in full-time employment. Of course, earning a salary is a hugely important factor lenders need to consider, but with the rise of the gig economy in recent years, society is changing fast, with many now working flexible contracts or freelancing. They may even be earning more than they ever have, but in a traditional broker’s eyes, their fluctuating salary from month to month may be too much of a hassle to bother dealing with. This is where Simply Lending Solutions’ bespoke service offers to help.

These specialist brokers, hailing from just outside of Chelmsford, are obviously doing something right, expanding to open a second office in South Yorkshire due to their continued growth. This is in part due to their brand new website, offering potential customers an easy gateway to apply by using their “see if you quality” service.

Simply Lending Solutions say they know how tricky it can be for certain groups of people to find the mortgage that suits their needs, and how infuriating it is when no one is on the market to serve you. That’s why they specialise in helping people with unique sets of circumstances, such as those intent on buying a more unconventional home such as a listed property, or those who have different personal circumstances to others. They’ve been in the business for years helping people with mortgage applications less straightforward than the norm, and as society changes rapidly to less traditional ways of working, Simply Lending Solutions is capitalising on change by expanding with it instead of succumbing to archaic conventions.

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What are the benefits? Helping customers maximise the amount they can borrow is a big one, as is cutting through the jargon to make the mortgage process simple in a world that can feel incredibly complex, with their website seeking to demystify problems from the get-go by outlining a whole range of solutions.

The company is all about providing value, which is why they’re continually adding content to their website with a grand vision to make it the go-to resource for everyone on the hunt for specialised mortgages.

The director of Simply Lending Solutions, Liam Atkins, is confident his business can help: “While some mortgage applicants face very particular obstacles, the skills we have in finding bespoke mortgage answers for them also allow us to find the most appropriate mortgage for any applicant.”

They’re actively looking for new customers now, and encourage prospective homebuyers with unusual circumstances to get in touch by visiting their website,