The Life Of Amit Raizada

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:27 am

Amit Raizada is a managing partner at Vision Venture Partners (VVP). With years of extensive industry experience, he offers strategic development and directional growth for all VVP platforms and networks. This includes timely and essential advice on optimal growth potentials, along with due diligence, transaction structures and risk mitigation.

Amit Raizada has a long and successful career in investing and entrepreneurship. In fact, before VVP — Amit founded Spectrum Business Ventures (SBV) back in 2002. He served as the company’s CEO, while helping the brand secure a strong and thriving portfolio. With over 60 operating companies under his wing, Amit helped the business grow in a myriad of sectors. This included business and finance, along with energy, technology, retail, e-sports and hospitality and food/beverage industries.

In 2006, Amit offered his unparalleled expertise in launching SBV’s real-estate division. This unit focused on acquiring, renovating and managing multi-family residential complexes and homes. The company’s affiliates currently own and manage over 6,000 real-estate properties across the nation. Amit was — and still is — involved in acquiring and selling hundreds of assets across a range of industries and niches. In fact, these transactions and enterprises are currently valued in the billions.

As a seasoned, reputable and thriving entrepreneur, Amit Raizada continues to lead successful investments in financial technology companies. This includes Card Compliant, Select Quote, Store Financial Services and wireless communications leaders like T-Mobile, Verizon and AT&T. He is also an innovator in industry-breaking esports platforms across the United States. As a member of the board of SBV, his portfolio also extends to several real-estate projects, as well as hospitality, food and entertainment ventures.

Amit is a proud graduate of the prestigious Michigan State University. He studies economics and business in college, and currently resides in Los Angeles, California. As a prominent entrepreneur with a strong mind for business, Amit has a proven track record of success in countless ventures and investments. In fact, his business insight has helped several companies increase visibility, leads, revenue and sales. This includes Stone Financial Services among many more.

Amit Raizada also partnered with Rick Fox to form Echo Fox. This company has strong business interests and projects in the world of esports and gaming. In fact, Fox and Raizada are considered ground-breaking trailblazers in the e-sports sector. With backing by VVP, Echo Fox stays abreast of all the latest esports trends and developments. As an actor and retired basketball player, Rick Fox is part of VVP’s successful and growing team. This includes game designer Jace Hall, former CEO of VeriSign Strattion Sclavos, and of course, Amit Raizada.

With considerable press coverage across the world, Amit is published and was part of the team that leads talented teams in popular gaming titles like League of Legends and Call of Duty. Vision Venture Partners even established Vision eSports, which is the firm that runs Echo Fox among other e-sports ventures and projects. The famed New York Yankees even announced an equity investment into Vision Entertainment and Twin Galaxies — both subsidiaries of Echo Fox — VVP.

As a true visionary and cutting-edge business person, Amit Raizada is synonymous with success, growth and establishment for several businesses and brands across many sectors. He continues to manage, own, operate and invest into profitable ventures that help expand businesses and community developments as well.

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