6 Advantages of Purchasing an In-House ID Card Printer

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 07:41 am

In today’s security conscious world, ID cards have become an essential part of the dress code for all types of organisations. Depending on the type of card being issued, they can also be used for multiple applications, such as access control and cashless vending. While the purchase of these cards is suitable for some organisations, for those that need lots of ID cards or need new cards at quick notice, a better option can be to purchase an ID card printer. Here, we’ll look at the advantages of purchasing such a printer.

  1. Reduce long-term costs

There are two options when it comes to procuring ID cards. You can purchase the completed cards or print your own. With the latter, you can purchase a high-end printer capable of printing the entire card, including personalisation details (photograph and name, etc.) and security features, such as holograms or watermarks. Alternatively, you can use pre-printed cards with the base design and security features built-in and purchase a less sophisticated printer to add the name and photograph of the user.

Whichever printing option you choose, over the long term, your organisation will save on the price of purchasing fully printed cards. In organisations that require lots of ID cards, such as large businesses, universities and hospitals, the savings can be significant. And while the high-end printers are more expensive, being able to print directly onto a blank card can save you even more than having to buy pre-printed ones that need personalising in-house.

  1. Issue cards quicker

From a security perspective, it is important that everyone has an ID card. This can be an issue when new employees, students or visitors are left waiting for their card to be ordered, printed and shipped before they can be issued with them.

Having an in-house ID card printer means new and replacement cards can be issued on demand, ensuring everyone has a card with them at all times. Again, the high-end printer has advantages here because purchasing blank cards can be done quickly so there is never a need to run out. With pre-printed cards, organisations will obviously have to wait for their bespoke cards to be printed which may take a little longer to arrive.

  1. Remove the temporary card security flaw

The ability to issue cards swiftly, discussed above, means that the use of generic temporary cards can be eradicated. This gets rid of a potential security flaw as temporary cards, which do not include personalised information, can be used by anyone. They potentially enable people who find them to gain access to the building or let unscrupulous employees use them instead of their own cards to carry out unauthorised activities.

  1. Have more control over the printing process

From a security perspective, purchasing an ID printer can be more advantageous. Where the printing of personal details and security features or the programming of smart cards is done in-house, it removes the possibility of external interference, such as cards being copied or counterfeited.

Owning your own printer also gives you greater control of the card creation process, enabling you to produce different types of cards for different user groups or to change your designs regularly to prevent fraud. For example, new designs can be issued each year, perhaps with a different colour, enabling everyone to know at a glance whether they are the current issue. This can also be helpful if you have changed your branding and want to issue updated cards that feature it.

  1. Develop in-house skills

While some aspects of operating an in-house ID printing process might require initial training, providing employees with those skills means not having to pay for them in the future and gives the potential for these employees to train others.

This can include skills in printer maintenance, card design, security management and in linking the printer and associated software to the organisation’s existing infrastructure – such as its access control, logical access and cashless vending systems.

  1. Purchasing support

When purchasing an ID card printer, you will find that vendors, such as Universal Smart Cards, will provide knowledgeable support to help you find the right printer, ribbons and accessories. They’ll also help with finding you the right card types to carry out the applications and meet the security needs of your organisation. Using such support can ensure that your security requirements are better fulfilled and that applications are fully integrated into your system.


The purchase of an ID card printer can bring many advantages for an organisation, it improves security, speeds up the processes of issuing cards and reduces the costs of purchasing printed cards from third-party vendors. This makes them ideal for businesses, education establishments, health trusts and local authorities.

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