Stitch AI Alerts Business Owners to Beware of WhatsApp Business Impersonation Frauds

Last Updated on: 14th March 2024, 06:25 pm

Experts at Stitch AI, a leading authority in Business WhatsApp, are cautioning entrepreneurs about the rising threat of con artists who exploit the simplicity of setting up WhatsApp Business Accounts to pose as genuine businesses.

This contemporary form of deceit is a modern twist on traditional email spoofing scams, now utilising the widely trusted and informal WhatsApp platform for malicious purposes. The issue is aggravated by the lack of centralised control over WhatsApp Business Accounts, which are frequently managed by individual employees, thereby increasing the vulnerability of consumers to scams and exposing businesses to potential reputational damage. Scammers lure victims into paying non-existent fees or sharing sensitive personal data.

Paul Gandar, Director at Stitch AI, underscored the importance of proactive measures, stating, “To guard against the risk of WhatsApp fraud, it is best practise to make your Business WhatsApp account prominent on your website, update your customer communications and privacy policies to advise the WhatsApp numbers that are ‘officially safe’ to communicate over, and inform staff that only WhatsApp chats over company sanctioned accounts are allowed.”

Addressing this escalating issue, the WhatsApp Business Platform emerges as a significantly underutilised resource. This advanced platform, developed by Meta, differs from the commonly used WhatsApp Business App. Although technically available from Meta through an API, it is more feasibly accessed through Meta Partners (BSPs) and WhatsApp Independent Software Vendors (ISVs). Stitch AI’s research indicates that an overwhelming 97% of consumer-facing enterprises remain unaware of the platform’s existence and the advantages it can provide.

The platform addresses the urgent need for centralised management of business communications on WhatsApp, enabling organisations to link their WhatsApp Business Accounts to their primary landline numbers and manage these centrally. This significantly reduces the chances of impersonation and offers businesses a method to assure customers that genuine communications will originate from a recognised landline number, thus providing an additional verification layer for consumers.

Paul emphasised the critical importance of adopting the WhatsApp Business Platform across various sectors, stating, “We urge businesses across all sectors – from real estate and recruitment to travel and trade – to recognise the urgency of adopting the WhatsApp Business Platform. Not only does it streamline communications and enhance operational efficiency, but it also plays a crucial role in safeguarding consumers against fraud.

He also highlighted the need for increased awareness among consumers about verifying the legitimacy of business communications on WhatsApp, advising, “Furthermore, we advocate for increased consumer awareness regarding the legitimacy of business communications on WhatsApp. Consumers should be encouraged to verify the origin of messages and remain cautious of any communication not linked to the known landline numbers of businesses.

In conclusion, Paul stressed the paramount importance of vigilance in the digital age, remarking, “In an era where digital communications are paramount, it is imperative that both businesses and consumers remain vigilant against the threats posed by technological impersonation. The adoption of the WhatsApp Business Platform represents a significant step forward in our collective effort to combat fraud and ensure a safe and trustworthy environment for digital business communications.”

Stitch AI encourages those interested in bolstering their business security and customer protection through the WhatsApp Business Platform to get in touch with Paul or Andrew at Stitch AI Ltd (WhatsApp ISV), by calling or WhatsApp messaging at 0330 016 2940, or by emailing

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