EMEA software developers cite cyber terrorism as greatest threat posing increased risk to businesses

Cyber terrorism is now one of the biggest risks facing the development industry according to a new survey carried out by Evans Data.

More than a third of software developers across the EMEA region stated they were extremely concerned with the threat of cyber terrorism due to the failure of businesses implementing a formal security policy in the development stages.

“The threat posed to businesses is very real and developers are the key to putting a stop to many security risks in the early stages, recent government research into cyber security found two thirds of large businesses experienced a cyber breach or attack in the past year.”

Around one fifth of developers were also concerned about the growing risk of Cyber Espionage, while in some ways related to both Cyber Theft and Cyber Terrorism, is distinguished from the two in that it involves theft of sensitive, classified, or proprietary information, rather than theft of money or deliberate sabotage.

“Security is especially worrisome for developers in Europe,” said Janel Garvin, CEO of Evans Data. “They are most concerned with the very real threat of terrorism, and the failure of many organizations to implement a formal security strategy just adds to the anxiety. Only 30% of these developers say their company has a formal security policy in place that is adhered to across departments, and that’s very concerning when you think about the other 70%.”

The developers said that the primary obstacle to establishing better security in their organisations is statistically tied between a lack of funding, and a lack of expertise or training. They also point at the mobile client as the weakest link in their security programs.