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Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:49 am

If your company grew to a point where you feel it is time to expand abroad, then that should be the perfect moment to invest some of the money your business has generated overtime in order to impact lives overseas.

However, there are some core details we need to be aware of before taking this important step. Maybe you don’t even have an idea on how to start, and that’s the main reason we are going to be writing this article.

Our goal here is to help you on how to launch your business abroad from zero, concentrating both your time and efforts at the correct places, that will generate you the desired results over time.

The Perfect Balance

That’s the most important step, as you need to have a good idea of where you’re stepping into. Obviously that making your website available for a new country won’t be as difficult as to start from the absolute zero as you successfully did with your main website.

However, you are going to find new obstacles, and although you may have ambitious projects of expanding globally, it is always good to start with a good balance between potential return and difficulty.

It’s likely that your main version is written in English. So, assuming that you don’t have any background from other cultures as well as there isn’t anyone within your current team who does, it should be a good idea to explore somewhere in the western world with not too much competition but with an audience that would be open to engage with your content.

You could try the Hispanic world out, however, at the same time most of Latin America and Spain speak the same language in theory, things are much different in the real world, as each country has a different Spanish dialect and although standard Spanish is perfectly understandable, competition is fierce.

We consider some the best cost benefit countries right now to be Italy and Brazil. The first is due to the fact that there isn’t too much competition going on in Italy compared to other places and thus, some old psychological triggers still work with the average Italian audience. Also, Italian is mostly spoken in Italy, so it would be easier to make things work well.

The latter would be for how big and yet unexplored Brazil is depending on your niche.

Obviously these are just personal hints and you shouldn’t base your company’s next step only on the aforementioned countries. Maybe you’d like to expand your business to India, and that’s perfectly fine. However, we mentioned the western world mainly because society standards are not much different throughout countries as well as the overall culture, which statistically tends to accept new ideas coming from abroad easier than other regions in the world.

Get To Know Everything About Your Target Audience

Although you got a suggestion in the last section, doing your own marketing research is key. If you do not have time yourself, ask someone from your team to do it, and if necessary, hire someone only to do that, as this is a huge step before launching a new locale.

Check out demographic data from your favorite locations and narrow them down according to your niche and the general acceptance of it. Find out who your competitors would be. In what platforms do they produce content?

All of that is important to direct you to your new local target persona. Once you find out where they are online, you need to cross the data you’ve discovered to your pre-existing one.

If they share lots of matching factors, chances are that you will only have to adjust minor things content-wise in order to conquer the attention of your new audience.

Once you’ve done that, and picked your new locale and found out everything about your new competitors and target persona, you might be ready for the final step.

Your New Dream Team

Successful online launches depend on how competent your team is. Don’t be cheap when it comes to hiring your new team. Grab a couple writers from the highest-rated freelance platforms, a SEO specialist or agency, a proofreader – if needed -, and then you should be good to go.

Don’t forget that your focus should go entirely to your new project. Use that to your favor and try to find your right-hand man/woman amongst the freelancers you’ve hired. Hiring is an exhausting process, and you’ll save both time and money if you can strike up a long-term relationship with some of them.

Set up a minimum core content that you wish to start with, and distribute them amongst the freelancers. Analyse their competence, commitment to the project as a whole as well as how effective they are. Reward the better ones and eventually get rid of the less committed ones.

Once everything is ready, congrats, you have successfully expanded your business abroad!


Throughout this article, we’ve seen that effective marketing research is key for success, as well as picking the best professionals when it comes to selecting your new dream team. It is also important to bear in mind that overnight results won’t come, and that harvest time may take a little while, but in the long-run the new version of your pre-existing project will thrive.

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