Bookies Addressing Lockdowns and Problem Gambling

Last Updated on: 21st November 2023, 08:47 pm

One thing that has been worrying the UK Gambling Commission recently, is the effect that lockdowns have been having for those who have a gambling problem, and with that in mind they have reminded all of their licensed betting and gambling sites that they need to look out for customers who are giving out obvious signs of having such a problem.

That has in fact spurred on many such site owners to launch a range of television adverts which switch the emphasis of those adverts from promoting their bonuses and betting opportunities to their range of gambling limits settings instead.

There are of course in addition to the tools mentioned up above, some other responsible gambling tools and services on offer to you these days as well, and one service that is completely free of charge to use is the GamStop self-exclusion service. The only problem with this is that it’s

Therefore, everybody on the GamStop register is still able to freely search online and visit popular websites like where you can find a full list of non GamStop betting sites , and that is of course something you will always want to avoid being able to do if you want to give up gambling.

As such moving forward you will notice more and more gambling sites promoting those tools, which can only be a good thing of course, but just what options does a customer have when they log into their real money gambling site accounts?

Well, they will be offered a deposit limit, and by making use of that option they can decide not only the maximum amount of cash that they will be permitted to add to their account but also will be able to select a period of time that limit will be in place on their account for.

Onscreen reminders will also be available which will show just how long someone has been logged into their gambling site account and will also alert them of their running losses during that session too, so do look out for them if you do gamble regularly online, as they will let you know your current state of play on that session.

GamStop Offers Effective Way to Self-Exclude from UK Betting Sites

It is going to be a decision that you will have to make, if you are thinking about giving up gambling, but there are loads of support groups who are on hand night and day and they will be more than happy to help you kick the gambling habit.

What GamStop service offers is a way for you to fill out a simple form online and by doing so you will then find GamStop will pass your information over to the many UK license and regulated gambling site and gambling app operators and will request them to immediately close down all active real money accounts you have with them and any you have opened and not yet used too.

Those sites will do so rapidly, and they are also going to not permit you to attempt to open any new accounts with them too, therefore immediately blocking you form ever being able to gamble at any U licensed gambling sites at any point in the time moving forward.

GamStop Not a 100% Guaranteed Way to Stop Gambling Online

What you really do need to be aware of is that whilst you are going to be able to make use of the GamStop service and then get yourself very quickly self-excluded from a large number of betting sites, by signing up to that service you are not going to be blocked from accessing all betting sites that are available online.

For sadly due to the way the scheme operates, only those that are licensed by the UK Gambling Commission are sites that are required to close down any accounts that you currently hold with them and will also block you from being able to sign up as a new customer of those betting sites at any time in the future as well.

As for just how you can self-exclude yourself form each of those additional betting sites too, well you could contact each of them individually and ask to be self-excluded, but that is going to be a time consuming task.

One faster way to remove any risks of you signing up to a betting site no matter where it is located is by simply downloading gambling site blocking software to any and all devices you use to access the internet then instantly once installed you will not be able to visit any gambling related websites.

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