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There are barely any places in Austria that aren’t worth visiting, whether for their rich history or magnificent beauty, but several stand out above the rest. Many of the greatest spots to visit are major tourist destinations that need a day to thoroughly explore, such as many of the stately Hapsburg castles of Vienna and Salzburg or the Benedictine Abbey in Melk. Similarly, old city neighbourhoods with gorgeous Baroque facades and historic sites can keep tourists occupied for days, giving infinite photography opportunities as well as shopping and dining.

Austria offers various places outside of the larger cities that are rich in cultural attractions and outdoor sports. Winter visitors may test their skills on the ski routes of Austria’s Alpine slopes, while summer visitors can enjoy a mountain lake that seems like the Mediterranean. Tourists may enjoy the picturesque pastoral environment filled with old farmhouses at any time of year. With this list of the top locations to see in Austria, we want to assist you in planning your sightseeing schedule in this lovely nation.

1.   Belvedere Palace, Vienna

If you are planning to visit Austria, you should definitely visit the Belvedere Palace (Schloss Belvedere) in Vienna. It is usually referred to as “the Belvedere”. It is one of the many historical sites in Austria. This palace has a lot of things to offer that is why it is split into two major sections, the Upper (Oberes) and Lower (Unteres) Palaces. In the Upper Palace, you’d find a lot of impressive collections of artworks. You can find most of the country’s architectural gems here.

There are many exciting things to explore in this portion of the palace, like the Sala Terrena, the Carlone Hall, its ceiling fresco, the marble hall with sculptures and paintings, etc. However, the lower palace also has to offer just as much. It has a marble gallery with statues, unique paintings in the grotesque hall and much more. This palace also has excellent cafes and restaurants, and if you happen to travel during winters, you might get a chance to shop from the great Christmas market.

2.    Salzburg: Mozart’s birthplace

When you are travelling through Austria, one must-see place is Salzburg. It is a terrific place and is famous for being the birthplace of Mozart. And when you are there, you can also visit Mozart’s former residence. Salzburg is like a music Haven, as you’d see talented musicians around every corner. Its Altstadt and Neustadt, old town and new town respectively, are impressive in their ways. Snowcapped mountains also surround the city. No matter where you look, the scenery will always be pleasant in Salzburg.

3.    Hochosterwitz Castle:

When in Austria, you really should visit the castle that was the inspiration behind sleeping beauty’s castle. It is situated on a 520 ft. dolomite rock near Sankt Georgen am Längsee in Carinthia. The castle is grand and can be seen from 30km away. Hoschosterwitz castle is a historic landmark and dates back to the medieval age. The castle has 14 gates that protect its inhabitants and has a stairway carved between the rocks. It also has a church inside, which is designed with sculptures and marble. The armory of the castle that has 14th-century weapons is also available for public visit.

4.    The Vienna Hofburg: Austria’s Imperial Palace

Among the most attractive spots for tourists visiting Vienna, Austria, is the Hofburg Imperial Palace. For centuries this palace was reserved for Austria’s monarchy, the Hapsburgs; however, now the state business is run in the same rooms. This palace existed for a long time, and almost every ruler who stayed here ordered some alternations in the castle in their time; since this castle has been passed down through generations, you’d find different architectural influences like gothic, renaissance, baroque rococo and classicism.

The Visitor can explore the glittering Imperial Silver collection, the Sisi Museum and the former royal imperial apartments.

5.    Melk Benedictine Abbey:

Another great place that should be on your list to visit is the Melk abbey. It is one of the most monastic sites in the world. Around the seven courtyards, its building is laid, and its twin-towered church that rises above the semicircular terrace range is the most significant part of this building. The visitors can explore a lot of beautiful sites within the Melk abbey. The tomb of Saint Coloman of Stockerau, the remains of the ruling family of Austria and the house of Babenberg are the highlights of Melk Benedictine Abbey.

Final thoughts:

Austria is packed with some of the most beautiful and unique places and sites in the world. There are several great places in Austria, but if you are tight on time, you must at least visit the places mentioned above. Get your passports and Austria Schengen tourist Visa ready and hop onto the flight to explore Austria’s beauty and rich history.

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