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FREE NOW introduces Mobility Benefits Card unlocking mobility options outside the app

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 08:38 am

  • FREE NOW launches virtual payment card to pay for mobility and transportation services within and outside the FREE NOW app – expanding its wide multi-mobility offering to include public transport, long distance trains and car rentals for business clients.
  •    FREE NOW for Business clients can offer their employees a mobility budget to cover costs of any private or commuting travel needs using the Mobility Benefits Card.
  • Companies can freely choose the total monthly budget allocated to the Mobility Benefits Card, and even personalise it based on different employee needs.
FREE NOW, Europe’s Mobility Super App, launches a new flexible payment method for its business clients. The new Mobility Benefits Card is a virtual prepaid card that allows users to choose the mode of transport best adapted to their private or commuting travel needs. The card means customers can use any means of transport, even if it’s not available on the FREE NOW app yet, using the budget provided as a benefit by their employer.

free now taxi app

The Mobility Benefits Card expands on FREE NOW’s existing mobility budget allowance that is used specifically for transport within the app. With the new Mobility Benefits Card, this budget can now be spent on any travel option, including public transport tickets, bikes and car rentals, even if the service is booked outside the FREE NOW app. The new card opens up a whole new range of transport modes making the mobility budget solution even more attractive for business clients who can retain oversight and control over the budgeting of their employee benefit plans while still investing in the private mobility of their employees. Furthermore, the mobility budget can now be spent abroad, facilitating the needs of businesses with international growth.
The workforce is changing dramatically with a greater focus on sustainability needs. The new generations entering the workforce are less likely to have a driving licence or own a car. When they commute to work, they want the flexibility to choose between a wide range of transport options that fit their work and lifestyle needs.
“The new Mobility Benefits Card is a game-changer for our business clients. Now, they can take full control of their benefits budget. Employees can simply pick what mobility option fits their immediate private travel or commuting needs and use the Mobility Benefits Card to pay for it. It’s also a great benefit to attract and retain talent, with 60% of employees revealing they strongly consider the benefits package before accepting a job”, says Mariusz Zabrocki, General Manager at FREE NOW UK.
Valentin Naidja, Vice President Sales at FREE NOW, says: “As the future of work evolves, so too must the way we think about travel. Our new mobility benefits card is the perfect solution for companies looking to decrease their carbon emissions and offer a more flexible range of travel options, giving employees the flexibility they need and look for in today’s workplace.”
The new payment card is available to all FREE NOW for Business clients in the UK, Germany, France, Italy and Spain, and will be expanding to further countries in early 2023.
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