The Flexitank Division at Kricon Group BV

Last Updated on: 18th April 2024, 01:40 pm

KriCon Group BV is a well-known logistics company from Germany that was founded in 2010. They are mainly known for their liquid transport services and high-quality tank containers. In 2022, they opened their Flexitank division under the leadership of Matthias Bombe, who has more than 15 years of experience running the Braid Flexitanks division. 

Bombe has been working closely with Yuriy Ude, the business development director of KriCon Group, to make this division a success. Bombe and Ude designed the ideal flexible tank kit together. Utilizing the latest equipment that the KriCon group is known for, they created a safe, personal, and flexible solution for consumers. KriCon Group has comprehensive insurance coverage that allows them to offer customized transport insurance for their buyers.

Flexitanks are much more flexible and economical than solid tanks. They can fit into standard dry shipping containers that are 20 feet long and suitable for one-way liquid transport. They have a large capacity, ranging from 14,000 to 24,000 liters. They are multi-layer polypropylene (PP) bags that weigh 60 kilograms, empty and folded, and come with accessories, linings and bulkheads. 

Because they are completely sterile, they do not damage liquid products, and there are no cross-contaminations. This is especially important for kosher and halal products, but even if you are only shipping non-harmful chemicals, they are a great option. 

Flexitanks also eliminate the need to reposition empty tanks. Analysts estimate that companies spend more than USD 20 billion annually on empty tank repositioning. Flexitanks allow companies to send their containers anywhere without having to reposition the empty tank. This is a huge cost-saving for businesses, which can then use the funds for other purposes, such as expanding operations or increasing salaries. 

However, Flexitanks are not the end-all-be-all solution. Solid tanks are still the best choice for transporting hazardous materials in large quantities, and they are also ideal for liquid containers that require larger container sizes than flexitanks can accommodate. Traditional solid containers are stronger and sturdier than dry containers and can be adapted to handle more hazardous chemicals than flexitanks.

Keep in mind that only certified professionals, such as KriCon Group’s personnel, should fit Flexitanks inside containers. KriCon Group’s personnel can fit them worldwide. Plus, KriCon Group offers solid tanks for all your needs, whether you need that extra stability or just a bigger container. Just remember that any tank you use for chemicals can’t be used for food products later, as there may be cross-contamination. But you can always avoid this with Flexitanks!

KriCon Group offers consultant appointments if you’re not sure which products are best for shipping your liquid cargo. They will examine your supply chain and shipping methods to offer you the best choices possible. Their Flexitank and tank container divisions are both responsible for excellent container and shipping solutions, and the group is risk-averse. If you want a safe solution to load and ship your liquid product, KriCon Group is the way to go.

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