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International Happiness at Work Week: UK Leads the Way in Flexible Working

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 12:52 pm

  • The UK is the number 1 country in the world searching for ‘flexible working’ and ‘working from home’

  • Lem-uhn identifies a noticeable spike in ‘flexible working’ in July indicative of the new Flexible Working Bill that was approved.

September 2023 – As International Happiness at Work Week approaches, feel-good PR agency Lem-uhn reveals that the UK is the top country searching for ‘flexible working’ and ‘working from home’. This is in line with the current employment landscape, where companies are revisiting their hybrid and remote work policies.

The data, compiled by Lem-uhn using Google Trends, shows that UK searches for ‘flexible working’ and ‘working from home’ experienced a noticeable uptake in July 2023. This spike coincides with the UK government passing the Flexible Working Bill, which made it easier for employees to request flexible working arrangements.

Searches for these terms are 59% more popular in the UK than in Australia, and 67% than in Ireland, the second and third most popular countries looking for flexible work. This shows that Brits are increasingly seeking ways to improve their working arrangements, from choosing their own hours to having autonomy over location. This is especially true in the UK which has been recently declared the ‘work from home’ capital of Europe, according to the Guardian, with an average of 1.5 days a week of homeworking, compared to the international average of 0.9 days.

Studies recently published have also found that 4.42 million UK employees (13.8% of working Brits) signed contracts that allowed for flexible hours, making it the most popular type of flexible working this year. From increased productivity and reduced stress to improved job satisfaction and better work-life balance, there are numerous benefits for those working flexible arrangements.

The top countries searching the most for ‘flexible working’


The top countries searching for ‘flexible working’


United Kingdom










New Zealand


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Hong Kong


Sri Lanka

Lem-uhn recently announced its Work from Anywhere policy, which allows employees to work for up to 45 days in a country that has a double taxation agreement. You can see more on this, plus Lem-uhn’s other positive policies here.

Founder and Managing Director of Lem-uhn, Riannon Palmer commented, “Employee happiness is not a priority for PR agencies. At Lem-uhn we’re changing this. We believe happier employees deliver the best results for our clients. The introduction of our Work From Anywhere scheme is the latest step we’ve taken to create a happier type of agency. Creativity is a key skill in public relations. A happier mind, adventure and experiencing cultures provide the perfect opportunity to feed our employee’s creativity. I look forward to the day when schemes that create a positive work environment for employees are the norm.”


  • Lem-uhn analysed Google Trends data.

  • Statista

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