Enhanced US University Entry Opportunities for International Students by INTO University Partnerships

Last Updated on: 10th May 2024, 05:43 am

INTO University Partnerships is set to expand the supported direct entry routes for international students seeking higher education in the United States. This expansion aims to provide more accessible and affordable support services to help international students thrive in their chosen academic pathways.

The programs, offered through INTO Centers located at various US universities, are specifically designed to assist international students in navigating the complexities of studying abroad. The support includes tailored tutoring, orientation and onboarding, and ongoing personalized assistance tailored to each student’s academic and cultural needs. This initiative underscores INTO’s commitment to fostering educational opportunities and supporting international students throughout their academic journey in the US.

Jeffrey Bialy, Recruitment Director at INTO University Partnerships said: “Supported direct entry programs represent our commitment to empowering international students to thrive in their academic journey. We believe that by providing enhanced support to directly admitted students, we can support them to achieve their full potential and make the most of their educational experience in the US.”

The programs are available for both undergraduate and graduate students, with a variety of options offered by INTO and partner institutions, including Oregon State University, George Mason University, Suffolk University, Hofstra University, Drew University and The University of Alabama at Birmingham.

INTO and its university partners are committed to making this experience and support accessible to all qualified students. Generous scholarship awards for supported direct entry programs are available, ranging from $1,500 to $8,000 for graduate students and from $2,500 for one semester to $10,000 per year for undergraduate students. With scholarships in place, students can enjoy the benefits of supported direct entry without significant financial burden.

Key Benefits of supported direct entry include:

  • Direct Entry Status
  • Dedicated advising and tutoring services
  • Access to scholarships for the full duration of studies
  • Dedicated support for visa process through INTO’s PASS program
  • Opportunity to earn degree credits from day one
  • Pre-arrival support, including assistance with housing and airport pickups

Since the initiative was first launched for graduate routes at The University of Alabama at Birmingham in 2018, INTO’s range of supported direct entry programs have become a huge hit with international students and university partners alike.

The impressive statistics showcase the programs’ effectiveness. Since introducing the supported program for all undergraduate students, Oregon State University has seen retention rates increase to 95% for international students compared to a 75% national average. Additionally, the average GPA for students completing undergraduate supported programs at Oregon State University exceeds 3.1 after their first year of study. For the University of Alabama at Birmingham graduate supported programs, students’ average GPA is above 3.5, showing that students with the right support whatever their academic background can be successful in a US degree program.  

Since 2018, over 950 students have enrolled in graduate supported programs at partner universities, while since 2020, nearly 500 students have enrolled in undergraduate supported programs. Notably, over 800 students from India – the single largest group by nationality – have benefited from these supported direct entry programs since 2018.

Diwakar Chandiok, INTO’s Vice President of Recruitment for South Asia said: “More than ever before, Indian students are opting to study abroad to pursue their educational and career aspirations. The supported direct entry programs are designed and optimized to meet their needs and support them in their academic journeys in the United States,” said “Through the supported direct entry programs, we aim to empower students to reach their academic goals and attain success in their careers.”

Shengzong Qi, instructor at Hofstra University said: “In teaching Academic Writing, I’ve been continually impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of our Indian students within the Integrated Master’s Program. Their eagerness to engage with course material and their commitment to academic excellence truly embody the spirit of our educational initiatives.” 

Jaskaran, a student from India who opted for supported direct entry at Oregon State University said: “One of the most remarkable aspects of Oregon State University is the quality of its instructors. They are among the best, bringing a wealth of experience and expertise to the classroom. Their dedication to teaching has truly enriched my learning journey.”

Neha, an Indian student pursuing her master’s degree in public health at The University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) said: “I would highly recommend UAB to students from India. UAB offers a wealth of opportunities, especially in the healthcare field. The University’s robust programs, cutting-edge research and renowned faculty provide an excellent platform for aspiring professionals.”

INTO University Partnerships connects ambitious international students with leading universities in the US, UK, and Australia. Since its inception in 2005, INTO has helped over 150,000 students from more than 180 countries achieve their dream of obtaining a degree from a world-class institution.

For more information about supported direct entry programs, please visit: education.intostudy.com/india-launch

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