Advent IM Debuts Training Academy in Response to Surging Data Breaches in UK Enterprises

Last Updated on: 29th January 2024, 02:44 pm

In a strategic move to address the increasing incidence of data breaches, Advent IM, a renowned provider of security consultancy and training, is unveiling its Training Academy. This new venture aims to stem the tide of rising data breaches plaguing UK organisations.

Current research underscores a worrying trend: the cost associated with data breaches is on an upward trajectory, with predictions indicating a continuation of this pattern into 2024. The predominant cause of these breaches is attributed to human error, a concern compounded by the fact that a scant number of UK companies offer security training. Drawing on its extensive 20-plus years of experience in the field, Advent IM is poised to lower the likelihood of data breaches.

The time frame for detecting a data breach has elongated from 191 days in 2017 to 204 days, reflecting the increased complexity of cyber-attacks and the heightened efforts by attackers to remain undetected within network environments for longer periods. This trend highlights the urgent need for effective employee training.

Recognising the critical role that human elements play in the majority of security breaches, Advent IM is reinforcing its commitment to education. The company has bolstered its cadre of trainers, enriched its course content, and expanded its educational offerings.

The Training Academy is set to open its doors on 1st February and will provide a diverse range of courses, both onsite and online.

Mike Gillespie, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Advent IM, stressed the importance of tailored education and training: “At Advent IM we have long known the value of quality, targeted and role specific education and training in building an organisation’s resilience. Effective training hugely reduces the likelihood of our own people causing a data breach by positively affecting their behaviours, attitudes and belief systems, it builds a positive information culture and it increases the ability to resist an external attack or incursion. Education and training has been part of Advent IM’s core offering for many years. The launch of the Advent IM Academy marks an evolution in our ability to continue to deliver excellent quality, whilst also expanding our portfolio to ensure that we continue to make businesses secure through training.”

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