Free Damp Proofing Assessments for Sussex Schools & Nurseries by Insitu Building Preservation

Last Updated on: 31st January 2024, 04:06 pm

Insitu Building Preservation Limited, experts in the field of damp proofing, has launched a pioneering initiative aimed at supporting educational establishments in Sussex by offering free damp proofing assessments. This timely campaign is especially relevant given the increasing concerns over damp issues in educational buildings, notably those involving Reinforced Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (RAAC) panels.

Alex Wareing, who helms Insitu Building Preservation Limited and is a noted authority in damp proofing, shares a personal connection with this issue. “As someone who has seen the effects of damp and structural problems in schools, I am passionate about offering our expert services to ensure safe and healthy learning environments. This initiative is close to my heart, and we at Insitu are committed to making a difference,” remarked Alex.

The need for expert damp proofing specialists in schools and nurseries has never been greater. With the growing awareness of the potential hazards posed by RAAC panels and other structural damp issues, there is an urgent need to address these problems proactively. Insitu Building Preservation Limited is leading the charge, providing its invaluable services free of charge to Sussex’s educational sector.

Alex further noted, “Ensuring the structural integrity and safety of school buildings is a responsibility we take very seriously. Our team of damp proofing specialists is equipped to conduct comprehensive damp surveys, offering peace of mind to educators, parents, and students alike. We believe in creating safer educational spaces, and this free service is our contribution to that goal.”

Schools and nurseries in Sussex are encouraged to seize this generous offer by visiting the Insitu Building Preservation Limited website at Insitu Building Preservation Limited to access further information and book a complimentary damp proofing assessment from some of the most seasoned professionals in the industry.

This generous gesture from Insitu Building Preservation Limited not only highlights the critical issue of damp in educational and childcare buildings but also underlines the essential role that damp proofing experts play in ensuring these environments remain safe and conducive to learning. By offering their services free of charge, Insitu sets a commendable precedent for community involvement and support.

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