The name might not be familiar but Second Cup Coffee Company are Canada’s largest speciality coffee retailer with 325 stores.

They have recently begun a rapid expansion across Britain opening two prominent locations for coffee lovers in London, St. Ann’s Shopping Centre in Harrow and Putney High Street north of Thames River.

Both venues are a part of an on-going plan to expand one of Canada’s best loved retailers across the country with three more stores planned at the end of the third quarter. According to a press release issued by the company the new locations will be widespread from Putney to Harrow, to Cardiff to Kensington joining the existing Second Cup locations currently in Manchester, Birmingham and on Portobello Road.

Second Cup’s roots are in Toronto, Ontario. Since 1975 the company has expanded globally to over 30 regions worldwide with over 160 cafes operating internationally. Second Cup is actively seeking new regional franchise partners for additional area development within the UK as well as globally.

Coffee lovers throughout the UK will be familiar with the high streets being dominated by the big chains from Cafe Nero to Starbucks, Costa Coffee through to Wild Bean Cafe and SSP. The Canadian chain will be a breathe of fresh air for consumers who are looking for more of a speciality coffee.