No shortage of coffee at Euston Station as Caffè Ritazza and Starbucks open

The patrons of Euston Station will receive a welcome surprise the next time they pass through. SSP, one of the leading operators of food and beverage establishments in travel hubs around the world, is adding two new shops to the station’s lineup. Starbucks is officially open, and the company plans to open Caffè Ritazza will be opening shortly. While both of these are well known by coffee lovers, but the shops opening at Euston Station will be offering new features travelers are sure to enjoy.

The new Starbucks has all of the well established favorites, but it is the first on the rail line to offer the new Starbucks Evenings. The chain will now serve wine and beer, which has been meticulously taste tested by a team led by the official Starbucks sommelier. The wine and beer selections vary by location and were chosen with local tastes in mind. The store will also offer several new menu options created to complement the wine and beer offerings.

Some of the new dining options include a delectable truffle mac & cheese, braised British beef, cheese platters, and chorizo and prawn skewers. Decadent new desserts will also be available. In order to more fully enjoy the dining experience at night, the location has design elements quite different from other Starbucks stores. This was done intentionally, to facilitate an evening of relaxed conversation amongst patrons.

Caffè Ritazza
Caffè Ritazza is nearly as well known by travelers as Starbucks. With nearly 150 stores in more than 20 countries, they are quickly becoming an icon in travel hubs around the world.

Caffè Ritazza offers a selection of coffees and teas, and are especially well known for their Italian espresso. The company chooses only the finest coffees and authentic Italian Espresso machines. Lead baristas are given lessons in the traditional art of crafting the perfect Italian espresso in Italy.

The company is also well known for their Italian menu. They offer a variety of Italian inspired dining options and pastries to be enjoyed while sitting in the relaxing environment of the store, or as a treat to be carried along on one’s journey. Caffè Ritazza also offers a selection of fine wines, artisan beers, and spirits, which can be paired with their menu offerings or enjoyed alone. This is the perfect stop after a long day at the office or at the end of a long trip.

The soon to be opened branch will show off the company’s new image as well as their newly redesigned menu.

Residents and Travelers
The CEO of the UK and Ireland branch of SSP, Simon Smith, recently discussed the close relationship his company has with Network Rail and expressed his excitement on the growth of this relationship. The director of retail for Network Rail, Hamish Kiernan, echoed the sentiment and offered further explanation behind the decision to expand. Euston Station has been undergoing major renovations with the purpose of being a more enticing location to locals as well as those who are traveling through on their way to other destinations.

The opening of these two establishments is indeed great news for those traveling on the railway system, as well as for nearby residents. The refurbishment of the Euston Station is designed to give both types of customers a place to enjoy food, drink, and friends regardless of the time of day or night they choose to meet.

SSP is one of the premier food and beverage outlets in travel locations around the world. The company offers respite to travelers in 29 countries and are partnered with 270 rail stations and 125 airports. They have established a reputation for listening to the needs of their customers to develop cafes, restaurants, and bars that are among the finest in the industry. With their devotion to quality establishments, and the well known premier reputations of the brands being introduced to the station, visitors are bound to be pleased with time spent at Euston Station.

Euston Station