Saving lives is the goal of every doctor. Starting today Dr Now makes that much easier.

Karl was sightseeing with friends at the top of New York City’s Empire State building when he began to feel dizzy and nauseous. Concerned for his health and worried about expensive U.S. medical treatment, Karl dialed Dr Now, Europe’s fastest growing mobile medical app.

At the touch of button, from the palm of his hand, Karl was immediately connected on a smartphone video call, from the U.S. to his UK based doctor. Dr. La had seen Karl before and knew his medical history. After talking with Karl, Dr. La concluded that his patient was suffering from mild vertigo. He advised Karl to head down to the street. After doing that Karl began to quickly recover and was able to enjoy the rest of his vacation.

Dr. La is proud to have made history with Dr Now’s first ever international remote video diagnosis.

“This really highlights the outstanding reach of our app and how we are able to assist patients wherever they are in the world.”

Dr Now can be relied on by sick travellers facing language difficulties and lack of doctor availability but also to avoid sky high medical costs in foreign countries. A recent health care study shows that a significant number of tourists suffer from headaches, fatigue, muscular pains and nausea while travelling. Founder and CEO of Dr Now, Lee Dentith is proud of his achievement.

“This is part of our ambitions to revolutionise the world of travel healthcare, providing you with reassurance and access to a qualified doctor when you need it the most. We’re thrilled to have conducted our first consultation from outside of the United Kingdom. It’s a huge step forward for Dr Now and Now Healthcare Group.”