Lockdown has been lifted in some countries. Businesses deemed non-essential are now allowed to reopen their doors, including nail salons.

Given that manicurists spend much of their time in physical contact with their customers, they should be especially mindful of the danger of contagion – which, lest we forget, hasn’t really gone anywhere.

So, what steps might a nail salon take to make itself COVID-19 secure? Let’s take a look at a few of them.

Social Distancing

Social distancing rules should, by now, be second nature to all of us. Their importance is greater than ever now that we’re allowed to freely mingle. In the context of a nail salon, social distancing might seem impossible. However, there are still steps we can take to limit the risk. You might limit the number of simultaneous appointments, and thereby reduce the risk of customers being forced into close proximity.


Hand sanitizer should be made available, and staff and customers should be encouraged to use it (or wash their hands) whenever they enter the premises, and whenever they’re finished interacting with a new client. This should also apply to the equipment you’re using. Just as hairdressers must use new brushes and scissors for different clients, manicurists must change out their nail-files.

Close Waiting Areas

Waiting areas are an opportunity for the virus to spread. And they’re entirely unnecessary if your booking arrangements are sufficiently well-thought-out. At the very least, install screens between seats, to prevent clients from breathing on one another.

Create a One-Way System

You might rearrange your premises in such a way that foot traffic can flow through only in a single direction. Signs on the floor could indicate the direction in which everyone should be walking. The precise layout of your premises should inform the approach you take towards one-way systems.

No more walk-in

Walk-in appointments should be dispensed with, for the time being. Everyone who comes to your premises should be made to book in advance. This will allow you to more effectively control the amount of people on your premises at any given time.

Screening Questions

You might ask your customers screening questions before allowing them to enter the building. Do they have a persistent cough? Do they have a temperature? You might even go as far as to measure the temperature directly using a thermometer. While these questions might seem so obvious as to be absurd, most of your customers will understand why you’re asking them and appreciate that these steps are designed to ensure their safety.


All staff should be equipped with personal protective equipment, including plastic screens at receptions, gloves, and face-masks (which customers will probably be wearing, anyway). Hygiene is something that all nail salons should take seriously, even when there isn’t a pandemic ongoing. Thus, they’re actually among the safer places to visit.

By taking all of these measures seriously, you’ll demonstrate to your customers that you value their safety, and thereby earn their trust in the long term!