Housebrands launches an online brand development toolkit to help organisations shape their brands at minimal cost.

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:32 pm

Established Yorkshire and London based brand and communication agency, Housebrands, is launching a specialist online product ‘what’s your purpose?’, enabling organisations to define their brands in-house, without the need to hire expensive external agencies.

Housebrands will charge a six-nine month licence fee for access to the comprehensive online toolkit starting at less than £200 (+ VAT) – plus the provision of one-to-one support if required with an appropriate sliding scale of fee.

Housebrands was founded in 2012 by Chris Bennett and Fenella McCarthy whose experience includes brand development and identity work for Amex, London & Partners, The Isle of Man, Nutreco and The Fremantle Trust.

Working with organisations both big and small throughout the world, Housebrands understands the power of a strong, clearly defined brand – it is an organisation’s greatest asset, communicating its unique strengths and generating loyalty, commitment and importantly income. As Housebrands Creative Director, Chris Bennett explains,

“A well thought-out brand definition is what makes all the difference – sure, without it we can come up with pretty designs and witty messages but unless they are united in one strategic thought they will just be ‘things’ and won’t help you build a brand that truly resonates with your target audience”.

During the course of their work, Housebrands has often come across organisations who are having to skimp on brand definition, simply because they feel that they can’t afford it. “That got us thinking”, says Strategic Director, Fenella McCarthy, “We knew we had to find a way of sharing our brand development expertise in a way and at a price that every organisation could afford . . . and Housebrands Toolkits was born”.

‘what’s your purpose?’ demonstrates exactly how to create your brand’s unique definition – Vision, Mission, Values, Proposition, Personality and Reasons-to-believe – yourself.

Written in plain English by experienced brand professionals, this step-by-step guide is

easy to follow, walking users through the programme, detailing exactly what to do. It also explains brand theory, simply yet comprehensively and is packed with practical worksheets and helpful hints and tips.

“It really does do what it says on the tin”, says David Mullany Principal, London English Language School, “We found it really helpful and easy to use. We simply haven’t got the spare cash to hire consultants”.

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