Your Guide to Ultimate Vacations in Utah

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 03:35 am

Utah is a state in the western USA with a rich history dating back to thousands of years – it was first home to pre-historic humans, then indigenous tribes and native Americans, later occupied by European Colonizers.

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Things to do in Utah

Hill Aerospace Museum

The US-based Air Force Museum showcases more than 90 aircraft and multiple artifacts giving a peek into the US Air Force’s achievements and history. Some of the notable aircraft you will see are the B-17, SR-71C, and A-10 Thunderbolt – many of these aircraft have seen action right from WWI to the Cold War to the War on Terror.

The museum is housed in Roy’s town, accessible by tourists easily due to its proximity to Interstate 15. It’s one visit that you will remember, honoring the US military’s outstanding achievements over the decades. Learn stories that you didn’t know before and explore history from another viewpoint.

Loveland Living Planet Aquarium

The Loveland Aquarium is a popular attraction in Draper City, Utah – more than 850,000 people visit the aquarium annually. There are more than 4500 animals across 550 species in the aquarium. The Loveland Aquarium includes ecosystems from many parts of the world, notable mentions – Kelp Forests, Coral Reefs, the Deep Ocean, Asian Cloud Forests, and South American Rainforest. Various exhibits are the Ocean Explorer, Journey to South America, Discover Utah, and more.

What are some of the natural wonders in Utah?

Rainbow Bridge National Monument

The Rainbow Bridge National Monument is one of the largest natural bridges, not just in the US but globally – it is culturally significant for the native American community. The mountain was birthed from sandstones dating back to the Jurassic Period. Take the trail up from Courtesy Dock to get a good glimpse of the bridge’s surrounding areas and distant sights.

Fishlake National Forest

It is the largest freshwater mountain lake located in Richfield, Utah. Some of the wildlife like turkey vultures, porcupines, cougars, snowshoe hares, and many other rare animals are native to the Fishlake National Forest – spotted regularly. Some other activities you can explore are – camping, renting boats for fishing, rock climbing, hiking, bird-watching, mountain biking, and snowmobiling.

Great Salt Lake

Utah is also home to the largest saltwater lake on the globe’s west – the Great Salt Lake. The lake occupies an area spanning thousands of kilometer squares – you can float on it rather than swim due to its high salt content. The lake is home to millions of brine shrimp, which serve as food for hundreds of native bird species, migrant birds, and other lake creatures. Visiting this destination is a once in a lifetime experience owing to its exclusivity.

Places to eat in Utah

Hell’s Backbone Grill & Farm

Located in Boulder, Utah – Hell’s Backbone Grill and farm’s food is entirely organic – their raw material comes directly from their family-owned 6- acre farm. Some recommended dishes here are pickle tray, meatloaf, and avocado soup.

The Dodo Restaurant

The Dodo Restaurant is situated in Salt Lake City, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding environment. What should you try here? Smoked Turkey Sandwich with home-made BBQ sauce, baked goods, and a chilled drink to go with your dishes.

Best time to visit Utah

April to May or September to October – the state is low on the crowd, and you can peacefully enjoy the natural landscape.


We can indeed conclude that Utah has a lot to offer – it has vast stretches of forests, desert lands, snow-capped peaks where you can ski, mountain trails for hiking. The state also includes modern metropolitan cities exhibiting a Hispanic, Native American, modern European, and African American cultural mix.

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