The double vanity is are a great idea if you are like many people out there that want the convenience of a vanity with a mirror on it. There are a few things to consider though. First off, where are you going to place it? Second off, are you going to put it in your bathroom or in a room that is separated from your main living area?

Time. With double vanities, you save a ton of time. If you only have one bathroom, or maybe you just have too but somehow you need to have one ready for when you get ready to get in there, having a double vanity with two sinks means that you don’t need to wait for just one family member to get ready before you can enter there to get ready for whatever you need to do. You can brush your teeth, wash your face, or even do your hair before you enter the bathroom. Having a double vanity in the bathroom makes it easy to do a little bit of everything you need to do before entering the bathroom.

Space. The double vanity sinks come in so many different sizes and shapes, and with the many options in between, that you will want to be sure you will have enough room to comfortably situate them in your bathroom. The good news is that there are plenty of sinks that can be installed into a double vanity sink base which will free up even more space so that you can fit even more in there.

Storage space. Even though two sinks are a good number, you still need plenty of storage space to place all of your toiletries in. A great vanity stool will give you plenty of legroom for all of your toiletries, as well as plenty of other things like cosmetics, soaps, shampoos, and lotions. If you like, you can even get the double vanity with a shelf below the sink for extra storage space. This allows you to reach out and grab what you need without cluttering your sink.

Elegance. Double bathroom vanities are just plain elegant. They can add great style to any bathroom and make any person feel very pampered. They fit right into a country theme or a modern one, and they can look very elegant even in the most basic of bathrooms. No matter what type of theme you are going for in your bathroom, a double vanity sink will be able to co-exist with it gracefully.

The drawers. Because there are two sinks involved, you will need plenty of space to put all of your toiletries in. A good idea is to purchase one drawer that is on top of the double vanity sink base. This way, you will not have to dig around too much to find what you want to use. There is plenty of room to wade through in any case.

Separate vanities. Separating the double vanity bathroom vanity from the rest of the bathroom is easy. You can put a solid white sink on top of the vanities, and you will be able to choose whether you want the sink to match the color of the vanities, the linens, or both. You can have a mirror on both sides of the double vanity bathroom vanity if you would prefer. There are plenty of different options here, and it is up to you which way you want to go.

Marble. If you want a truly opulent look, you should consider marble as an option for your bathroom vanity sinks. Not only is marble beautiful but it also provides the bathroom with a touch of elegance that cannot be found in cheaper materials. Plus, marble is very easy to clean and it resists stains from germs. Marble is certainly the best choice for your double vanity sink choice.