Why Must E-Commerce Businesses Invest in High-Quality Packshots

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 02:35 pm

With internet users worldwide at around five billion, the number of people engaging in e-commerce is also going through the roof. According to Statista, global e-retail sales exceeded $5.2 trillion in 2021 and will only grow in the coming years. There are many advantages to establishing an online store. However, it is one thing to drive traffic to the website using SEO and advertising and another to persuade them to buy. Since the human brain responds far faster to images than text, the most effective way of informing customers about the features of your products is to display packshots. Some of the top benefits of using packshots of products by online retailers explained:

Customers Have a Better Idea of the Product

The biggest drawback of buying things online is customers often cannot figure out if the products they are looking at on their screens can fulfill their requirements. With the few seconds, customers are willing to spend browsing the products, online merchants need to make a positive impression with clear, detailed, and high-impact product photos. Using high-quality packshots is the only way they can overcome the problem customers have of not being able to touch and feel the products on the store shelves. Clear and compelling packshots can give them the information and confidence needed to add the products to the shopping cart. You can read the full info here about how advanced 3-D rendering techniques can transform product photos into packshots with high appeal.

Gives the Merchant Credibility and Inspires Confidence

Customers only buy things online when they are confident that the products are genuine and fit their needs. Using generic product shots immediately acts as a red flag, and customers will invariably wonder why the merchant does not display actual product pictures. By using high-quality packshots of the actual product, merchants can demonstrate their authenticity and boost customer confidence in them. Since customers cannot see and interact with you in person, the quality of your web store is the only thing on which customers can base their opinions. A well-designed e-commerce platform with a clean and efficient interface and product arrangement with well-composed product photos and narrations goes a long way to building business credibility.

Reduces Customer Complaints 

By using high-quality product packshots, you can give customers all the information about the products they want to make a considered purchase. Packshots taken from different angles give customers all the information they want, including how the product looks and its suitability for use. A well-informed customer is less likely to be dissatisfied with his purchase. E-commerce merchants will invariably receive fewer complaints and product returns that erode the business reputation and the bottom line when they use high-quality packshots.


The online retail space is intensely competitive, and e-commerce merchants need to do whatever they can to win the trust and confidence of customers. One of the key drivers of online sales is the manner the site displays the products. The chances of conversion increase when the packshots are clear, informative, and compelling. Good quality packshots also increase the credibility and authenticity of the products and the business.

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