Urban regeneration, Chinese electric vehicles and the rise of wages

On the latest episode of The Ian King Business Podcast, host Ian King sat down with a diverse group of guests to discuss some of the most pressing economic topics of the day. From wage growth to international trade, the show covered a wide range of issues that are relevant to businesses and consumers alike.

One of the guests on the show was Victoria Clarke, the UK chief economist at Santander Corporate Investment Bank. Clarke shared her insights on the current state of wage growth in the UK and what businesses can expect in the coming months.

Economics and data editor Ed Conway also joined the discussion, providing his expertise on the recent news that the US is increasing tariffs on Chinese electric vehicles. With tensions between the two economic superpowers on the rise, Conway offered valuable analysis on the potential impact of these tariffs on the global economy.

Rounding out the lineup was Odisseas Athanasiou, the chief executive of Lamda Development. Athanasiou spoke about Europe’s largest urban development project and the potential economic benefits it could bring to the region.

Listeners can tune in to The Ian King Business Podcast to hear these insightful discussions and more. With a variety of guests and topics, the show is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the world of business and economics.

To stay up to date on new episodes, listeners can subscribe to the podcast on their preferred platform. The Ian King Business Podcast is available on all major podcast streaming services.

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