MiFunder’s Groundbreaking Funding Program Gains Global Attention for Enabling Traders

MiFunder, a modern proprietary firm, have announced the launch of their new funding platform for traders. This platform aims to provide traders with access to capital of up to 250,000 USD with minimal risk.

Alex Giwa, the Chief Operating Officer of MiFunder, said: “MiFunder was built by seasoned traders for traders to solve this problem of under-funding, equipping traders with the capital and guardrails necessary to be part of the top 5% who are profitable.”

The platform implements a multi-phase solution to ensure the traders joining are of the highest calibre. In the evaluation phase, a minimum profit target of 7% is set, which is lower than the industry standard of 10%. This is followed by the verification phase, where the profit target is lowered to 5%. During the trading phase, traders are provided with accounts ranging from 7,000 USD to 250,000 USD.

Rudo Viljoen, the Chief Executive Officer of MiFunder, said: “By providing access to larger capital and ensuring rigorous risk management practices, MiFunder aims to provide better opportunities to skilled traders while combating the issues of over-trading and over-leveraging.”

MiFunder has also implemented a profit-sharing model and risk management criteria to ensure the sustainability of the funding program. Should the maximum loss threshold of an account be reached, the trader is automatically logged out and their access is restricted.

By providing skilled traders the opportunity to manage larger capitals while ensuring the highest level of risk management, MiFunder are set to redefine the prop-trading landscape. Those wishing to join the pre-launch waitlist can visit mifunder.com.

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