Union boss announces Samsung pay strike to be indefinite

Samsung Faces Indefinite Strike as Union Demands Better Pay and Conditions

The National Samsung Electronics Union (NSEU) in South Korea has announced an indefinite strike in their fight for better pay and conditions. The walkout, which began on Monday, has been supported by 6,500 out of the NSEU’s 30,000 members.

The NSEU is demanding a 3.5% basic pay increase and an additional day off, while Samsung has offered a 3% increase. Despite the apparent closeness of their positions, talks have not taken place since the strike began on Monday.

According to union vice-president Lee Hyun-kuk, some chip production has been disrupted due to the strike, and the NSEU is calling for more members to join in the action. They are also working to educate others on the importance of their cause.

This strike comes at a crucial time for Samsung as the company is poised to profit from the global artificial intelligence (AI) market. Last week, Samsung reported a significant spike in second quarter operating profits due to rising semiconductor prices. The company credits the AI boom for this success.

In response to the strike, Samsung has stated that they will ensure no disruptions occur in their production lines. They have also expressed their commitment to engaging in good faith negotiations with the union.

The strike, which was initially planned to end on Wednesday, will now continue indefinitely as the NSEU stands firm in their demands for fair treatment and compensation for their members.

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