DK Online Global New Season Launched by Masangsoft

Masangsoft have announced that the global Season 2 server for their MMORPG ‘DK Online’ will open on Steam on the 29th of November at 00:00 PST.

The game, which has earned the attention of players around the world, is a free-to-play PC-based MMORPG set in the virtual empire of Redisse. Players can choose from five different races and professions to develop their character.

The Season 2 server comes with the updated ‘Item Collection’ system, which encourages players to collect specific items, and the revamped ‘Achievements’ system for improved user convenience.

In addition, an exclusive Ultimate DLC has been added to the season server. Gamers can also take part in various events such as hot time events, attendance events, and special Christmas events.

A representative from Masangsoft said, “We are confident that players who have been waiting for the new season will be pleased with our efforts. We hope to continue to receive their interest and participation.”

The DK Online Season 2 server will open on the 29th of November at 00:00 PST on Steam. Further details are available on the DK Online Steam Store.

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