The Benefits of Managing Your Print Supply Chain

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 04:02 am

It doesn’t matter if you run a business that is solely based on providing printed products – or if your print shop provides a key element like your marketing materials or your invoices. Youwill need to manage this area efficiently.

Spending time looking at this important area of your business has many benefits that reflect on both your relationship with your customers and your bottom line.

#1 Happier customers

The first benefit for you if you manage your supply chain effectively is that you stand a far better chance of repeat orders from happy customers. Having a well-managed supply chain means that the chances of you running short of materials and not being able to fulfill a customer order are decreased. Having a handle on your stock usage can also mean that you can act on new orders faster and have a shorter turnaround time than your competitors.

#2 Lower shipping costs

Having a well-managed supply chain also means that you have control of your stock levels. As well as the benefits noted above about not running out of vital materials, you can also manage deliveries to keep freight shipping costs to a minimum. Just having regular bulk deliveries will work out much cheaper than having to pay a premium for express shipping for an item you have run out of.

#3 A more efficient despatch process

By the same token, having a well-managed supply chain that means orders are completed on schedule also means that the despatch process is cheaper and more efficient. You are not paying out for expedited shipments to get late orders to customers, and you don’t have half-finished orders of bulky items like pallets of brochures or banners taking up space in your warehouse, waiting for the remainder of the order to be printed.

#4 Consistent levels of quality

Quality is essential for all types of business, but especially those in the print industry. Having a well-managed supply chain will also mean that you can maintain a stock of items proven to be of the right quality for both printing and customers. Having to source a replacement ink or paper opens up a whole realm of unknowns, which could lead to large numbers of reprints or negative feedback from customers.  

#5 Workforce optimization

The final benefit is that if you have the right levels of the right stock, you will also be using your print and warehouse staff more efficiently. Running out of inks, paper, or any other materials could mean your workers are standing idle and your machinery isn’t running. Poor quality materials can lead to reprints, which, as well as the wasted material cost, you are paying your workers twice for the same job, which won’t be good for your bottom line with labor costs on the rise.

Final thoughts

Your print supply chain is more important than you might think, and ensuring it is managed correctly has a host of practical and financial benefits. Ensuring that you do not have too little or too much of key stock items can lead to a more efficient warehouse area and a more cost-effective print shop with your staff working to their full potential. It can also give you customers who are happy with both the speed and quality of their product, increasing the likelihood that they will order again.

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