The UK’S FIRST Quote, Buy and Track RICS Survey Comparison Site has landed!

Last Updated on: 22nd November 2023, 06:35 am

Newly launched hits the residential property market as the UK’s most innovative and comprehensive comparison platform for residential surveys.

When talking about surveyors, most people think of waxed jackets and clipboards, but think again. This is a next generation, latte drinking, Rayban-wearing surveyor facility that shines amongst it’s PropTech peers.

It goes without saying, a large part of daily life now requires or benefits from technology in some way. As Yopa suggests, 98% of homebuyers use the web to start their search, and it’s now even more evident that technology is making an incredible impact on property transactions.

Online services and facilities are propelling a wide majority of businesses across most industries. You only have to consider how companies such as the notorious insurance selling meerkats, Compare the Market, have changed the way we insure ourselves. From this perspective, it’s evident that is an inevitable next step in the evolution of the property industry.

The young, formally aspiring surveyor and founder of, Matt Nally commented “Surveying, unlike many other aspects within the industry, is miles behind. It is the only part of the buying process that still requires people to get on the phone during office hours. We don’t change the quality of the advice people get – but we do change how easily they access it. Our compare, buy and track facility takes the process of getting a survey out of the dark ages. We are independent, we are GDPR compliant and we are the first to offer instant accurate quotes with the ability to buy and track online 24/7 from anywhere in the world.”

Former West London Sales Manager Stephanie Jost, appointed as National Sales Director, comments that their unique online service isn’t designed to reshape and redefine the industry. “The agents, brokers and conveyancers we work with acknowledge that PropTech facilities such as ours simplify procedures, help gather data in accordance with regulation, offer transparency, eliminate conflicts of interest and provide cost savings – and in some cases, additional revenue. It’s very much needed and fits neatly alongside other advancing services that support property transactions.”

A recent article from ‘Estate Agent Today’ stated that “consumers want services that are available outside working hours. They want smart, slick systems that allow them to carry out the majority of their activity online.” This is where comes into its own. In light of the growing demand for instant access services, they have identified the weakest link and sought to revolutionise it with a unique service, bringing the surveying process into the 21st century.

So what’s on the horizon for this aspiring fledgling PropTech team? Well, among other things, they aim to become an integral part of the industry and contribute to the growing movement of property professionals championing independent advice for their buyers. Their most recent developments include agent and broker accounts and an unbranded iframe version of their platform that property professionals can integrate into their own websites. is all about appeasing the industry as well as the customer.

Not everyone reacts the same way to new technology in any industry but it’s the ones who recognise true potential that end up in front. Before they were launched, we didn’t need facebook to socialise, we didn’t need Uber to book a taxi and we didn’t need LinkedIn to find a job or candidate – but look at where we are now. You don’t need to use to instruct a surveyor, but like everything else these days, life will be a lot easier if you do!

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