Edinburgh-based Jetlogic is launching a private European jetcard for frequent fliers which, it says, is the most flexible on the market.

The prepaid jetcard, available with a minimum of 15 hours flying time, will give customers guaranteed, round-the-clock access to private jets across the continent. A US version of the jetcard is planned for later this year.

The launch coincides with increased customer demand following an upturn in private air travel, according to the nine-year-old company which is targeting a £6million turnover.

Jetlogic has clients worldwide from individuals to large corporates, luxury travel companies, music, sport and film industry.

They range from private customers flying on family holidays, touring musicians and corporates travelling to business meetings, to racing drivers flying to tracks, football teams to matches, team sponsors, celebrity weddings in foreign locations.

Jetcard holders will have 24/7 access to a personal account manager who will arrange the charter of private air travel from and to anywhere in the world with as little as four hours’ notice.

The card hours can be on light, midsize, super midsize and large jets all of which are flown by prequalified operators with the highest safety standards in the industry.

Among the benefits of the card, according to the company, are no fuel surcharges, flight credit that never expires, no exit penalties, no peak days, all-inclusive pricing and lower hourly rates than any other jetcard.

Clients are provided with high quality, in-flight catering on all jetcard flights, with full menu breakfast, lunch and dinner options available on US flights and suitable time of day options available on European flights.

Leigh Mellis, who launched JetLogic in 2009 following a career in the private aviation and superyacht industries, said the time was now right for the prepaid jetcard to be introduced.

“Demand for private air travel is how higher than at any point since 2008,” she said. “The industry has faced a turbulent time, but it is now back to where it was before the crash.

“With customers demanding more flexible arrangements, the jetcard offers customers the opportunity to hire a private jet anywhere in Europe at a moment’s notice.

“Jetcard members can also use their card fund to access 3500 private aircraft around the world. jetlogic have one of the most responsive services on the market.

“While other companies offer jet cards, ours has the lowest hourly rates and is the only one to guarantee no fuel or exit penalties and which does not apply peak-day rates.”

Ms Mellis built the company up over the last nineyears without external investment. Located in her home city of Edinburgh it avoids accruing London-associated overheads .

“As the only private jet operator in Scotland and one of a handful outside of London, we are able to pass on operating cost savings to our clients,” she said.

“I’ve built Jetlogic’s reputation for delivering meticulous service and cost effective, bespoke solutions and, together with my team, we pride ourselves on providing a superior client experience rooted in attention to detail, discretion, reliability and a highly responsive and flexible approach to individual travel requirements.”