UK’s Crypto Maverick, James McMahon, Forecasts Next Big Cryptocurrency Boom in 2024

Last Updated on: 5th March 2024, 04:20 pm

James McMahon, hailed as a cryptocurrency wizard and a former mathematics professor from Manchester, UK, is in the headlines again for his uncanny ability to predict lucrative cryptocurrency investments. On the heels of his successful predictions that made his followers immensely wealthy, James has identified a new cryptocurrency that he believes will surge by 100 times in value.

James’s earlier predictions on Fantom and Ponyo Inu, which he tipped to grow 100-fold, saw their values skyrocket beyond expectations. Fantom’s value increased by an astounding 692 times, while Ponyo Inu’s value surged by 390 times within just a couple of weeks.

Followers who mirrored James’s investment strategies saw their wealth multiply rapidly, with many achieving millionaire status and some retiring early, in their twenties and thirties.

An analysis of the first 26 cryptocurrencies that James invested in during a live broadcast on his “Crypto with James” YouTube channel demonstrates the massive potential for profit. An initial investment of $100 in each of these cryptocurrencies at their launch could have resulted in profits exceeding $123,000, as evidenced by James’s YouTube video history and upload dates.

James’s remarkable success in the cryptocurrency market has made him a celebrated figure, with his YouTube channel gaining over 56,000 subscribers in two years. The single father and former academic has become a household name in the crypto community.

James plans to unveil his next cryptocurrency prediction, anticipated to achieve a 100x increase, exclusively on his “copy along” platform, Copy My Crypto, which boasts nearly 4000 members. The website provides a transparent view of James’s cryptocurrency portfolio and immediate updates on his buy and sell actions, enabling members to emulate his investment moves and achieve similar financial gains.

Several members of Copy My Crypto, many of whom were novices in cryptocurrency investment, have lauded the platform for its simplicity and effectiveness, stating that no prior knowledge of cryptocurrency or investment strategies is needed.

Dean Wellington, a seasoned member whose profits from following James’s advice exceeded $800,000 by July 2023, praised the platform’s ease of use, saying, “Being a Copy My Crypto member is like having a big brother who knows what he’s doing. You don’t need to know a thing about crypto, or how to invest, as you simply copy what James does.”

James, while optimistic, urges caution and due diligence among his followers, stating, “I can’t guarantee any of what I do will work, but I’m fortunate to have had some success. I always urge new followers to read my site and see what I’ve done in the past. All my previous predictions are still on Youtube which makes them public record – so go verify everything.”

He also highlights the accessibility of Copy My Crypto, adding, “The great thing about Copy My Crypto is it allows anybody to join and copy me, regardless of what they know about crypto. After all, you simply copy me.”

James is poised to announce his latest 100x cryptocurrency prediction shortly. He anticipates a dip in the coin’s price before making his move to invest.

Interested individuals can join James’s investment journey by signing up for Copy My Crypto, currently available at a special anniversary price of $1. This offer will conclude in four days or once the membership count reaches 4000, whichever occurs first.

To take advantage of this offer, visit, availability permitting.

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