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Over the last few years or so, several economists and those in the field of finance have expected a recession. After several years of the market crash, investors worried about this prospect could suddenly start searching for a way to move their assets to more secure and safer places.

The typical move will be to hedge towards gold-stock fluctuations. This has proved to be a successful approach in history, but a modern solution is an old-school safe Harbour. Developed in 2009, Bitcoin introduced a new age of digital currency. As the main cryptocurrency, bitcoin has a lot of currency attributes, but with certain special characteristics that might render it a viable refuge. At the end of the day, however, it stays for the individual user to decide if bitcoin is an acceptable safe place in a moment of financial trouble. Below, we’re going to equate gold and bitcoin as safe Harbour choices.


Many reasons make gold a good haven commodity. It is important as a source for consumer products, such as jewellery and electronic devices, and it is rare. Despite the growth, supply remains disproportionately low. Gold cannot be created as a corporation that creates new shares or as a federal reserve bank publishes currency. It needs to be pulled up from the earth and stored.

As a result, gold has virtually no association with commodities such as assets and equity indexes such as the S&P 500. The precious commodity used to be linked to the dollar until 1971 after President Nixon cut relations between the U.S. currency and gold as a basis. Ever since those that do not want to battle stock market fluctuations to their fullest degree have participated in gold. Precious metal tends to ease the impact, or perhaps even the benefit when there is a downturn in the financial markets or a fall of at most 10%. Gold typically does well through corrections, and even though it doesn’t improve, a commodity that stays stagnant when others fall is very useful as a buffer. Plus, because more people are leaving stocks and investing in them.


Bitcoin is a blockchain-based virtual currency that shares certain characteristics with its gold equivalents. In actuality, most have dubbed bitcoin “digital gold” in history due to minimal connection with all other assets, the stock in particular. Currency traders may recognize in 2017 when the cost of a single bitcoin exceeded that of a singular troy ounce of gold for the very first time. As of January 2020, bitcoin’s price is over $8,700, but how beneficial is it? More pressingly, should the stockholders think about investing in digital currency?

Like gold, there is a minimal supply of bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto, the anonymous originator of bitcoin has restricted the fixed value to 21 million tokens. Bitcoin is just like gold because it is not authorized by the monetary system or the national government. As a decentralized cryptocurrency, bitcoin is produced by the mutual computational capabilities of “miners,” entities and pools of personnel employed to authenticate transfers that take place on the Bitcoin blockchain and are compensated for their time, computational infrastructure, and bitcoin commitment. To guarantee that the supply is not saturated, the Bitcoin Specification stipulates that these incentives will be halved annually, guaranteeing that the final bitcoin will not be distributed until it is created in 2140.


Gold has overtaken the safe-haven commodity market for thousands of years, although bitcoin was introduced only about a decade ago and has only gained mainstream recognition during the last few years. Both gold and bitcoin are precious commodities. Gold’s proven trading, weighing and monitoring system is flawless. It’s really difficult to steal it, to get away with counterfeit gold, or even to damage the metal. Bitcoin is also challenging to corrupt due to its cryptographic, decentralized mechanism and complex algorithms, but the technology to guarantee its protection is not yet in place.

In recent times, a range of alternate digital currencies has been introduced with the goal of offering further security than bitcoin. Tether, for example, is among the so-called “stable coins.” Tether is connected to the US dollar in almost the same manner as gold was before the 1970s. Investors searching for less uncertainty than bitcoin may probably want to search elsewhere in the virtual currency region for safe-havens. If you are chosen to invest in bitcoin, just simply open an account on any leading trading platform and start investing.

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