SAMY Alliance Marks Entry into Nordic Territory through Kurio Acquisition

Last Updated on: 5th March 2024, 03:53 pm

On its decade-long anniversary, SAMY Alliance, a pioneering digital marketing firm with a focus on integrated, social-first technology and data-driven strategies, announces its foray into the Nordic market with the strategic acquisition of Kurio, a Helsinki-based creative agency renowned for its social-first approach.

Since its inception in 2013, SAMY Alliance has witnessed consistent annual growth, establishing itself as a dominant force globally in the digital marketing arena. The company boasts a strong presence across Europe, the United Kingdom, and the Americas.

Established in 2012 by Jari Lähdevuori and Elli Tuominen, and led by CEO Tommi Opas since 2015, Kurio is celebrated for its impactful results driven by insightful and creative strategies. As staunch advocates for the transformative power of social media in marketing, Kurio has successfully assisted top-tier brands including Microsoft, Unilever, Accenture, Fazer, and Nokia in harmonizing traditional and social media platforms.

Kurio’s exceptional creativity has earned it the 8th position in the Global Creative Index 2023 by PRovoke Media. The agency’s client projects have garnered prestigious accolades such as D&AD, WARC Awards for Effectiveness at Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, Effie Awards, and New York Festivals Advertising Awards, among others. Kurio is also recognized for its authoritative contributions to the industry through research partnerships, influential whitepapers, keynote addresses, and jury roles in esteemed awards.

Tommi Opas, CEO at Kurio, articulated: “Our goals align perfectly with SAMY’s in both ambition and direction. We share a common desire to serve our clients both locally and globally as a leading ‘social-first’ agency, leveraging data and technology to enhance our offering. This partnership marks a significant milestone in our journey, and we are excited about the possibilities it opens up for us and our existing and new clients in the Nordics and globally.”

This acquisition is a part of SAMY Alliance’s broader international growth strategy, initiated in 2019 with the acquisition of SHARE Creative, a UK-based agency known for its blend of intelligence and creativity. SAMY Alliance further expanded its footprint by acquiring Miami-based social media specialists AnyGivenDay and Nobox, bringing on board a clientele that includes names like Netflix, Reebok, and The North Face.

Recognized by the Financial Times as one of Europe’s fastest-growing companies for four consecutive years, SAMY Alliance, headquartered in Madrid, serves over 50 markets globally with a robust network of 14 country offices and a dedicated team of more than 400 professionals. The firm offers a comprehensive suite of digital marketing services ranging from market research and data analytics to influencer marketing and public relations.

Following significant investment from Bridgepoint and Aurica Capital, the acquisition of Kurio underscores SAMY Alliance’s determination to solidify its status as a strategic marketing powerhouse and business ally for premier brands worldwide.

Patricia Ratia, co-founder of SAMY Alliance, expressed: “the arrival of Kurio allows us to make a great statement in the Nordics, a market with huge potential that has the highest rate of social media adoption in the world reaching 81,7% of the total population. Furthermore, we are excited about the idea of having a HUB in Helsinki, a vibrant city with a strong edge in design and innovation. This HUB will undoubtedly function as an experimentation lab for the Samy Alliance, enabling us to export innovation to other markets. We are also excited with the know-how and capabilities that the Kurio team brings to our Alliance in terms of Social, and are fully confident that it will translate in a stronger offering and a better service to our clients.”

With the founding members and the global leadership team at the helm, the combined entity is poised for a new phase of expansion, targeting revenues exceeding €100 million in the near future.

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