UK Cat Nala Joins AC/DC In The Battle For This Years Christmas Number One

Last Updated on: 24th November 2023, 07:49 pm

Nala the Station Cat’s Viral Christmas anthem has joined AC/DC in the battle for this year’s festive top spot.

Nala’s Debut Single, “Check Meowt” was officially released on Wednesday and BBC Three Counties Radio’s Justin Dealey gave the single an exclusive first play last Sunday.

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In a heartwarming twist to the festive season, Nala the Station Cat, whose regular appearances at Stevenage station have won the hearts of commuters, is set to release a Christmas single, Meow. The four-year-old ginger tabby, known for her viral pictures, is not only capturing the attention of passengers but is now aiming for a spot on the official UK chart with her debut musical endeavor.

Viral Cat, Nala the Station Cat, Aims for Chart Success with Meow – A Festive Tune for Commuters and Animal Lovers Alike

Recorded under the moniker Nala the Station Cat, the single, produced by Danny Kirsch and co-written with Joe Killington, features the feline sensation not only as a vocalist but also as a co-credited songwriter. Owner Natasha Ambler, expressing the desire to share the joy Nala has brought to Stevenage globally, shared that the single is a way to spread the happiness observed on social media.

BBC Three Counties Radio’s Justin Dealey granted Nala’s single an exclusive first play on Sunday, leaving both the presenter and Nala’s owner momentarily speechless. The debut single is officially set for release on Wednesday, with hopes that Nala’s charming melody will resonate with a wider audience beyond her regular commuters.

Despite Nala not having an agent yet, her owners are optimistic about her chart prospects. Ms. Ambler stated, “We’ll start small and hopefully she gets in the charts, but number one would be fantastic.”

Charitable Endeavors and Potential Chart Success

In a bid to dethrone charity campaigners LadBaby from the coveted Christmas number one spot, all proceeds from Nala’s single will be donated to the RSPCA and Stevenage homelessness charity Feed Up Warm Up. The charitable angle adds a meaningful layer to Nala’s musical venture, aligning it with the spirit of giving during the holiday season.

The accompanying music video, shot at Stevenage railway station, is expected to be unveiled before Christmas, offering a visual treat for fans eager to see Nala’s musical talents in action.

As Nala’s owners embark on this new adventure, the hope is that the infectious joy the cat brings to Stevenage will now resonate through the airwaves, making Meow a festive favorite for both animal lovers and chart enthusiasts alike.

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